Friday, December 07, 2012

The Amazing Canadian Race!


Dreams DO come true! Well.. sort of. For as long as The Amazing Race has aired on TV, I have fantasized about being a contestant on it. The fact that you had to be a US resident halted me in a hurry all these past 21 seasons.

Tonight my girlfriend texted me and said that they have decided to to a Canadian version now, starting in the summer of 2013!! WOOT!

I've always wanted to go on the show. I'm not sure who with, but I think seeing as how my Dad's got a wonderful memory and is wise and has seen a lot and lived through a lot, and speaks french fairly well, he'd be a great person to partner up with. Eee! My dream has come slightly closer.

Now... just to figure how to make that become a reality. This might take a few years in the making. Stay tuned.

Jules :Oeeee!


SIMON said...

Wow yes defo a dream of yours!!
Would be great to see you and your Dad or you and your sister, Wow!
I for one hope that dream comes true.

Another dream for me would be that it was on any one of the main or satellite TV channels in the UK. This season has been more difficult than ever to even get it on Youtube because of CBS and copywrite but I've not missed one but I can't save the links because CBS delete them!!

Best show on TV - Chippendales to win tomorrow, do you think?

The UnMighty said...

My fingers are crossed for you.

SIMON said...

So I was wrong!!

But The Amazing Race Canada is not going out of Canada, seems a bit strange?