Monday, December 03, 2012

tiny croakers...

The owner of the store my mom works at accidentally ordered live frogs.  The store is supposed to have educational and non-battery powered materials for kids, they pretty much have anything from workbooks to lego and everything in between.  It's a very diverse store, but they've never carried live product before. As much of a mistake as this was, most of them are sold already. People are buying them for their kids for Christmas and asking for the to be held at the store until then. So I got to watch them frolic and swim about while I visited with mom in the store briefly today. I couldn't resist taking a few snaps. They were actually quite adorable. But no, I didn't buy one. 

This one looks like it has claws! Do frogs have claws? I'm going to have to do some googling. 

This one's my favorite picture. I just love how it's posing. 

They made me smile today, and I loved the vividness of their tiny tank decor. If I was tweeting this, I'd be hash tagging it:  #adorable

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

Beautifully vivid, adorable accident. They might even be repeating the 'accident' in the future!!

Jules said...

Si - I just had that conversation with a friend today. They've sold fast, so I'm betting they will bring more of them in.

The UnMighty said...

Not only do frogs have claws but they also have fangs.
Be careful.