Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I've been thinking...

I think if I were to write another book, after the two that I'm currently working on are finished, some I might consider could be titled:

"My Areolas Have Hair... and Other Disgusting Realities Women Face"
or maybe
"Boob Sweat... and Other Troubling Tragic Things"
or maybe
"The Age of The Arm Flap... Come To Terms With Your Baggy, Wrinkly Skin"
or maybe
"Toe Jam and Bellybutton Lint... Your Guide to Fun Recipes and Crafts"
or maybe
"The After-Fart... Tried, Tested and True Methods to Recover from the Dreaded Smell Cloud"
or maybe
"The Booger Basics... How To Tell Someone They're Sporting a Dangler"
or maybe
"The Squat... Perfecting the Art of Toilet Hovering"

Yes. Maybe I'll write one of those next.

Jules :Owhynot?!)

Monday, January 28, 2013

snowy mountains

I didn't take many photos on the weekend, but here are two that I did take in Kootenay National Park, on the nice January day. 

I loved how these boulders were covered in untouched snow, just sitting there at Marble Canyon. I stopped to pee there and took a moment to breathe in the mountain air. Some people were getting ready to go snowshoeing on the hiking trails there, so I was happy to see this undisturbed patch of landscape.

On the way to Radium Hot Springs, the skies were blue, the sun was shining, and I just had this one low hanging cloud to drive right through. It was cool. The photo's not that great, but the day was. I was also really pleased to see that the roads all the way down to Hwy 93 were dry (this time of year I didn't expect that) and that they ploughed the Hwy 93 very well, so a lot of that was dry or just barely wet. I've always hated winter driving, but I'm starting to learn it isn't too big of deal.. at least some of the time.

Jules :O)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

my percentages...

I was evaluating my personality on the way home from Radium today. I decided that I'm a perfectly normal person. I rate myself 90% normal to 10% quirky.

That 10% quirky might sometimes come off as either just quirky, or filthy, or just outright insane. But still, it's just 10%, so that's pretty good. Most of the time I'm "normal".

But then I was thinking, it can sometimes depend on whom I'm in the presence of. For example, when I'm with my girlfriend K, I act younger than I am, because she just brings that out in me. When I'm with her.. I'm probably more like 70% normal to 30% outrageous. Or maybe perhaps more like 60/40.

But still... 60% normal is ok, right?

Unless you feed me a few glasses of wine, or some hard liquor, or a few beer.. Then my level of normal just turns to crap, like most other people. When given alcohol, I become only 15% normal to 85% happy drunk. Well, again depending on whose presence I am in.. I'm either just 85% happy drunk Jules, or 85% horny drunk Jules.

So overall and in conclusion, I decided that I'm anywhere from 90% to 15% "normal".

That's normal, right?

Jules :O?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

gone sideways

Sometimes I wish for things like a flatter stomach, fewer stretch marks, perkier boobs, a smaller behind.. but then I just sit back and re-evaluate and I'm thankful that whatever parts I do have are healthy, and I remember why I have them in the first place. Stretch marks are indicative of either a pregnancy or weight loss... I'm proud of both of those accomplishments.  

Besides.. who would want a smaller butt? With the bum I currently have, if I was Little Red Robin Hood, the wolf might say to me: "The more to spank you on, my dear". And then I'd probably be all turned on by a wolf and have to re-evaluate not just my body but my attraction to animals. Yeah. Actually.. that's not a great thing, my thought process went a little sideways there.

Maybe I do need to do more cardio.

Now I sit here pondering whether I just crossed some sort of line...

Jules :Oj

Friday, January 18, 2013

Life's a pain, sometimes...

I guess 2013 hasn't been all that great so far. I hate ranting on my blog.. I usually like to keep things light on here. But right now I feel totally taken advantage of and it's put me in a negative frame of mind. Most people would just take it out on their loved ones, but I thought I'd put all the pressure on you guys to make me feel better.

First, in August last year (so no time at all ago) I paid around $400 to have a guy come fix my hot water tank. Since January 4th it's been malfunctioning. I knew what the problem was but instead of the plumbing company just directly fixing the problem, they messed around with other little crap that probably was just fine, until the part that I KNEW was the issue finally crapped out and I had no hot water for the last two days. The real shit thing is that they charge $90/hour whether you use 5 minutes or 60 per service call, and the company decided to bill me for PHONE CALLS they had to make and their running around time in their company van. So today's bill, while it didn't have a charge for the faulty part that they had to replace, cost me another whopping $357 JUST FOR LABOUR and PHONE CALLS and DRIVING. I think that's really really lousy. Plus, he has to come back again on Tuesday and install a new $30 part and charge me another $90 labour. Awesome.

It bothers me because secondly, I've been having to save money for these uber expensive meds I have to buy so that I can have my cancer treatment in February, and now I'm going to be out nearly $500 of those savings. It's not easy to save money.

Thirdly, today I whacked myself in the face with a large heavy duty commercial door while exiting the bathroom at Staples where the door and paper towel dispenser left little room to squeeze through and got a nice gash on the bridge of my nose that bled for over an hour and I'm sure will leave a nice scar. Currently I am suffering from a massive headache and feel like the bridge of my nose is going to throb right off my face. I could never be a boxer. Getting punched in the face by a door or otherwise really isn't my bag.

Fourth, Solavei is delayed in launching here for a while. I don't know how long. I was disappointed in this announcement, to say the least. I will still sign up for it whenever it comes here, but I just don't know when that will be.  So for now, my dreams of having no cell phone bill and making extra money will have to be put on hold. It's frustrating because I could envision fixing my windshield, paying for my meds, getting respite for my foster guy more often so that I could go see Thor more.. things like that which seem small but would have been a great thing.

Lastly, Thor has been ill since Christmas time and with that has come a wedge in our ability to communicate like we always have. With some serious viruses running amuck in his body, he lost the ability to talk, temporarily, and lost all energy to even skype much, talk on the phone, or even answer emails. As a result, these last 18 days since I've seen him have seemed like an eternity and I am missing our "us-ness" like crazy. Thankfully, he's finally getting back to normal, but it's been a difficult time, having him be so sick and me not able to help him, and having it affect our communication so much. I prayed nightly that he'd get better, finally that's being answered.

I guess that's all for now. And even if it's not, I'm not going to keep being negative on here. It's not really my thing to do that. Tomorrow's another day... so what if I wake up bruised, broke, annoyed, lonely and frustrated. Right?

Jules >:O/

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


That moment when you realize that this one thing you've been working hard toward and totally believe in might just not pan out:  #suckscrustypucker

I hope to have some concrete answers soon. Until then, I'm ansty and frustrated and feeling let down. Not by any person in particular.. just by the idea of not achieving my goals.

This horoscope couldn't be more wrong, unless my day takes a major turn for the better:

June 22 - July 22
This could prove to be a gratifying day, Cancer. Recent success in business might now be making a positive difference in your financial situation. This is apt to boost your mood quite a bit and you're probably feeling optimistic and enthusiastic about your future. You could lapse into some very pleasant daydreams about the possibilities, but don't get carried away. Try to remain practical.

Jules :O(

Monday, January 14, 2013

My Weirdness...

Here are some things you most likely don't know about me.

I really get off on watching a pedestrian walk to the beat of the music that happens to be playing in my car, unbeknownst to them. I think that when their rhythm can be in sync with what I'm listening to, it's an act of fate to amuse me, rather than chance.

I eat my sandwiches from the outside in, rather than from one end to another. Given a sandwich on regular bread, or on a bun, I will eat my way around the edges first and then be left with the middle of it to enjoy. Have you ever noticed that most of the good stuff is piled on into the middle of the sandwich? So I do that intentionally to save the best for last. If I have a sub, I eat it end to end though.

I have a giant crush on folky snowmen. Ok.. that one you probably knew.

I can't stand to have cupboard doors or closet doors left open. It makes me think of ghosts. I get freaked out by it.  I'm not like that for bedroom doors or bathroom doors.. just cupboards and closets. If I walk into a room with open ones, I have to have them closed. If I ever walked into a room with multiple ones open, or all of them open, I'd probably have a heart attack or an extreme nightmare.

I love thrift/antique store browsing, but I rarely ever buy anything. I have a thing for old trunks, but I don't own one. They're worth too much, and I'm too thrifty.

I think that's good enough for you all to chew on for a while. I promise these things are true. How many of them did you know?

Jules :OP

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Feed your cells.

Do yourself a favor. Take a moment to learn how to treat your body right.

Watch this video: The Gerson Miracle. 

Yes, it's an hour and a half long, and yes it's an old video.. and yes, you will learn good things from it.

Jules :O)

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Tribute to a dish.. and to a beautiful person

Well this morning I had butter fingers and I dropped, and consequently shattered, my favorite dish of 14 years. It was a ceramic bowl that was given to me by a college professor and Co-Department Head, Linda Moreau, after I graduated with honors and subsequently worked in the program I graduated from thereafter for the following 1.5 years. It was my going away gift, from Linda, who was such a down to earth and soothing,  nurturing person. She was really an inspiration to me. 

I used this bowl whenever I wanted to eat something that would warm and soothe my soul.  All alone on a weekend of solitude, on a cold day in winter, my soups or stews never tasted as good as when they were eaten from this ceramic bowl. Every time I used it, I thought of Linda, her warm nature, how gentle she always was and how comforted she always made me feel. She was the epitome of what we all should be. Most accepting, most rewarding, most open to people, cultures, ability levels, always greeting life with a smile. Such a wonderful person to be blessed to know. 

Unfortunately, I lost track of Linda.. and I get a bit misty eyed when I think of that reality... but I always had this bowl she gave me... until now. 

Jules :O(

Thursday, January 03, 2013

A nutty reminder

Hearts exist everywhere... even in cashews. 
Whenever I see them, they remind me to express my love to those I love most, for what's the point of love if it's not expressed, received and cherished?

Jules :Oj

we're just a bunch of sickies..

Literally. The new year has brought in a whole wave of illnesses. Blech. I'm sick, Thor's sick, my sister's sick, my mom's sick, my foster guy is sick and his family. My friends and their families have been sick. Yeesh. It's a variety of bugs, too. Not just a cold. Some people are getting the flu. I will use the old adage "In like a lion out like a lamb" even though that's supposed to be in reference to our winters and not for a new year. But I think it works too in this case.

I don't expect to be doing too much blogging until I'm feeling better though. I did have a wonderful new year despite being sick, as Thor was here and we brought it in together. I got to go skiing too, finally.. first nordic ski of the season for me because up till now it's been bitterly cold. Too cold to be outside for more than a few minutes. Thankfully it's warming up now. But that's probably why we're all buggy.. I'd almost like the deep freeze to come back and kill off some of these bugs.

I got a new tablet and a vintage door knob for my garden door for Xmas, from Thor, and a NutriBullet juicer from my mom. I think those are my 3 favorite gifts this year. I also finally got a globe. I've always wanted one. Now I want a vintage globe to compare the new one to. Maybe one from the 60's or 70's would be cool. See how the world has changed...

Well, it's time to see if my son will allow me a short nap. Miraculously, he's not sick. Trying hard to keep it that way.

Jules :O/