Wednesday, January 16, 2013


That moment when you realize that this one thing you've been working hard toward and totally believe in might just not pan out:  #suckscrustypucker

I hope to have some concrete answers soon. Until then, I'm ansty and frustrated and feeling let down. Not by any person in particular.. just by the idea of not achieving my goals.

This horoscope couldn't be more wrong, unless my day takes a major turn for the better:

June 22 - July 22
This could prove to be a gratifying day, Cancer. Recent success in business might now be making a positive difference in your financial situation. This is apt to boost your mood quite a bit and you're probably feeling optimistic and enthusiastic about your future. You could lapse into some very pleasant daydreams about the possibilities, but don't get carried away. Try to remain practical.

Jules :O(

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SIMON said...

I'm not sure that any post containing #suckscrustypucker can be taken that seriously!
Sorry things aren't turning out right at the moment, I'm sure it's only temporary.