Thursday, January 24, 2013

gone sideways

Sometimes I wish for things like a flatter stomach, fewer stretch marks, perkier boobs, a smaller behind.. but then I just sit back and re-evaluate and I'm thankful that whatever parts I do have are healthy, and I remember why I have them in the first place. Stretch marks are indicative of either a pregnancy or weight loss... I'm proud of both of those accomplishments.  

Besides.. who would want a smaller butt? With the bum I currently have, if I was Little Red Robin Hood, the wolf might say to me: "The more to spank you on, my dear". And then I'd probably be all turned on by a wolf and have to re-evaluate not just my body but my attraction to animals. Yeah. Actually.. that's not a great thing, my thought process went a little sideways there.

Maybe I do need to do more cardio.

Now I sit here pondering whether I just crossed some sort of line...

Jules :Oj


SIMON said...

You were doing so well but got a bit distracted at the spanking bit!!

Nice sideways sliding post!!

The UnMighty said...

Oh yeah. The line was definitely crossed.
Thanks for that.

Jules said...

All the more to make you laugh with, Si.

TUM - I do all that I can to please people. You're sooo welcome.

Shell said...

bwah ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Line crossing is fun.

Jules said...

Shell - it makes life worth living sometimes!