Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I've been thinking...

I think if I were to write another book, after the two that I'm currently working on are finished, some I might consider could be titled:

"My Areolas Have Hair... and Other Disgusting Realities Women Face"
or maybe
"Boob Sweat... and Other Troubling Tragic Things"
or maybe
"The Age of The Arm Flap... Come To Terms With Your Baggy, Wrinkly Skin"
or maybe
"Toe Jam and Bellybutton Lint... Your Guide to Fun Recipes and Crafts"
or maybe
"The After-Fart... Tried, Tested and True Methods to Recover from the Dreaded Smell Cloud"
or maybe
"The Booger Basics... How To Tell Someone They're Sporting a Dangler"
or maybe
"The Squat... Perfecting the Art of Toilet Hovering"

Yes. Maybe I'll write one of those next.

Jules :Owhynot?!)


SIMON said...

They are all funny but as for the book title, "I've Been Thinking."

The Grunt said...

"Hoverers ruin the toilet stalls by spraying feces all over the place, or so it seems. The truth is that they are just marking their territory. Marking your territory at others' peril is all the rage nowadays. So why not get in on the action with a book that changed my life forever..."

This would be part of my forward for that book of yours.

Jules said...

Perhaps that would be a good title, Si. Then I could just make it full of one-liners like this post.

Grunty, I will absolutely use that as the forward! Brilliant man...

Shell said...

you are hilariously retarded.

Jules said...

YES! I've accomplished my goal then, Shell!! Woot! Are you blogging again? Or just decided to come check mine out?