Friday, January 18, 2013

Life's a pain, sometimes...

I guess 2013 hasn't been all that great so far. I hate ranting on my blog.. I usually like to keep things light on here. But right now I feel totally taken advantage of and it's put me in a negative frame of mind. Most people would just take it out on their loved ones, but I thought I'd put all the pressure on you guys to make me feel better.

First, in August last year (so no time at all ago) I paid around $400 to have a guy come fix my hot water tank. Since January 4th it's been malfunctioning. I knew what the problem was but instead of the plumbing company just directly fixing the problem, they messed around with other little crap that probably was just fine, until the part that I KNEW was the issue finally crapped out and I had no hot water for the last two days. The real shit thing is that they charge $90/hour whether you use 5 minutes or 60 per service call, and the company decided to bill me for PHONE CALLS they had to make and their running around time in their company van. So today's bill, while it didn't have a charge for the faulty part that they had to replace, cost me another whopping $357 JUST FOR LABOUR and PHONE CALLS and DRIVING. I think that's really really lousy. Plus, he has to come back again on Tuesday and install a new $30 part and charge me another $90 labour. Awesome.

It bothers me because secondly, I've been having to save money for these uber expensive meds I have to buy so that I can have my cancer treatment in February, and now I'm going to be out nearly $500 of those savings. It's not easy to save money.

Thirdly, today I whacked myself in the face with a large heavy duty commercial door while exiting the bathroom at Staples where the door and paper towel dispenser left little room to squeeze through and got a nice gash on the bridge of my nose that bled for over an hour and I'm sure will leave a nice scar. Currently I am suffering from a massive headache and feel like the bridge of my nose is going to throb right off my face. I could never be a boxer. Getting punched in the face by a door or otherwise really isn't my bag.

Fourth, Solavei is delayed in launching here for a while. I don't know how long. I was disappointed in this announcement, to say the least. I will still sign up for it whenever it comes here, but I just don't know when that will be.  So for now, my dreams of having no cell phone bill and making extra money will have to be put on hold. It's frustrating because I could envision fixing my windshield, paying for my meds, getting respite for my foster guy more often so that I could go see Thor more.. things like that which seem small but would have been a great thing.

Lastly, Thor has been ill since Christmas time and with that has come a wedge in our ability to communicate like we always have. With some serious viruses running amuck in his body, he lost the ability to talk, temporarily, and lost all energy to even skype much, talk on the phone, or even answer emails. As a result, these last 18 days since I've seen him have seemed like an eternity and I am missing our "us-ness" like crazy. Thankfully, he's finally getting back to normal, but it's been a difficult time, having him be so sick and me not able to help him, and having it affect our communication so much. I prayed nightly that he'd get better, finally that's being answered.

I guess that's all for now. And even if it's not, I'm not going to keep being negative on here. It's not really my thing to do that. Tomorrow's another day... so what if I wake up bruised, broke, annoyed, lonely and frustrated. Right?

Jules >:O/


The UnMighty said...

Smacked yourself in the face with a door? Things are bad.
Just forget January. I'm sure February will be awesome.

SIMON said...

Yeah life can be a real pain can't it? So sorry 2013 isn't been very kind but I'm sure things will get better.