Sunday, January 27, 2013

my percentages...

I was evaluating my personality on the way home from Radium today. I decided that I'm a perfectly normal person. I rate myself 90% normal to 10% quirky.

That 10% quirky might sometimes come off as either just quirky, or filthy, or just outright insane. But still, it's just 10%, so that's pretty good. Most of the time I'm "normal".

But then I was thinking, it can sometimes depend on whom I'm in the presence of. For example, when I'm with my girlfriend K, I act younger than I am, because she just brings that out in me. When I'm with her.. I'm probably more like 70% normal to 30% outrageous. Or maybe perhaps more like 60/40.

But still... 60% normal is ok, right?

Unless you feed me a few glasses of wine, or some hard liquor, or a few beer.. Then my level of normal just turns to crap, like most other people. When given alcohol, I become only 15% normal to 85% happy drunk. Well, again depending on whose presence I am in.. I'm either just 85% happy drunk Jules, or 85% horny drunk Jules.

So overall and in conclusion, I decided that I'm anywhere from 90% to 15% "normal".

That's normal, right?

Jules :O?


SIMON said...

That's almost, very nearly, absolutely, nearly precisely normal!

Jules said...


Shell said...

i think it ranges depending on your company. However, I think that normal is totally overrated. just saying

Jules said...

Yes, that's true totally, Shell. When I'm with you I'm rather "normal".. some of the time..