Monday, January 28, 2013

snowy mountains

I didn't take many photos on the weekend, but here are two that I did take in Kootenay National Park, on the nice January day. 

I loved how these boulders were covered in untouched snow, just sitting there at Marble Canyon. I stopped to pee there and took a moment to breathe in the mountain air. Some people were getting ready to go snowshoeing on the hiking trails there, so I was happy to see this undisturbed patch of landscape.

On the way to Radium Hot Springs, the skies were blue, the sun was shining, and I just had this one low hanging cloud to drive right through. It was cool. The photo's not that great, but the day was. I was also really pleased to see that the roads all the way down to Hwy 93 were dry (this time of year I didn't expect that) and that they ploughed the Hwy 93 very well, so a lot of that was dry or just barely wet. I've always hated winter driving, but I'm starting to learn it isn't too big of deal.. at least some of the time.

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

Love both the pics!
They are wonderful.

Quiet Paths said...

These both are so pretty and capture the wonder of a winter's morning on 93! Love that cloud bank.

Jules said...

Thanks, Si! I didn't think either was all that fantastic.. but thanks!

QP - Well they certainly do capture our wonderful wintry mountainous mornings! You're right. The cloud was really cool.