Thursday, January 03, 2013

we're just a bunch of sickies..

Literally. The new year has brought in a whole wave of illnesses. Blech. I'm sick, Thor's sick, my sister's sick, my mom's sick, my foster guy is sick and his family. My friends and their families have been sick. Yeesh. It's a variety of bugs, too. Not just a cold. Some people are getting the flu. I will use the old adage "In like a lion out like a lamb" even though that's supposed to be in reference to our winters and not for a new year. But I think it works too in this case.

I don't expect to be doing too much blogging until I'm feeling better though. I did have a wonderful new year despite being sick, as Thor was here and we brought it in together. I got to go skiing too, finally.. first nordic ski of the season for me because up till now it's been bitterly cold. Too cold to be outside for more than a few minutes. Thankfully it's warming up now. But that's probably why we're all buggy.. I'd almost like the deep freeze to come back and kill off some of these bugs.

I got a new tablet and a vintage door knob for my garden door for Xmas, from Thor, and a NutriBullet juicer from my mom. I think those are my 3 favorite gifts this year. I also finally got a globe. I've always wanted one. Now I want a vintage globe to compare the new one to. Maybe one from the 60's or 70's would be cool. See how the world has changed...

Well, it's time to see if my son will allow me a short nap. Miraculously, he's not sick. Trying hard to keep it that way.

Jules :O/


SIMON said...

Oh this is not good!
All get well very soon!!

Jules said...

thank you, we're all good now, almost... :)