Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mis-Text Story

Strange events sometimes happen, that leave you just shaking your head. Only with technology of today would this type of thing happen... Do people really hit on people they've never seen, met or knew existed because of mistake texts? Yes, yes they do.
Me: Happy Birthday, Charlie!!

Several hours later...

Guy: My name is NOT Charlie!!

Me: Oh... Sorry Charles... :(  I didn't know u hated that... or do I not have the rite number anymore?

Guy: Listen, I don't no u so leave me alone

Me: OMGoodness. My sincerest apologies. I thot this # belonged to a blog friend of years past. I will delete it from my fone. So sorry.

Guy: What? Can you show me your photo?

Me: No thank you. Bye bye. Sorry to inconvenience u. I've already deleted the number.

Guy: No, I am sorry

Me: My apologies.. I will go mourn the loss of his number. Have to contact him on twitter I guess. Anyway, bye bye. Have a wonderful life :)

Guy: Are u still mad at me?

Me: I don't get mad at strangers, but u can delete my number also. It was just Charlie that I was trying to wish a happy birthday. Hope you have a good day.

Guy: I have twitter
Guy: What is your name in twitter?

Me: I'm not interested in pursuing anything with you, kind person. I only use twitter for very limited interactions. Sorry. Pls, u can delete this convo and carry on with ur life. Bye bye.

Guy: K... bye bye
I was thankful this person didn't press on (I'm only assuming it was a guy). I didn't intend to keep texting back, but then I would have felt like I was being rude. I'm glad they finally said bye. It's really funny. I never get hit on in real life, not that I need to because I have Thor and he's amazing. I just thought this was funny enough to share with you all.

Have you ever had a mistake text conversation with a perfect stranger? How did it go?

Jules :oweird)


SIMON said...

I've had one or two mistake texts but they didn't go anywhere, unfortunately!!
Did ring a wrong number for a taxi once though and they must have been so used to it let me tell them where I was and they answered, "It'll be there in 15 minutes." So I waited over 20 and hit the redial last number. "Where's my taxi?"
"Check the effing number you ____!!"

Ooops!! Needless to say I rang another taxi firm altogether, just in case I did it again!!

Jules said...

HAHA! No kidding! That must happen lots for them to be so ornery about it.