Saturday, February 23, 2013

My book was reviewed!

WOWEEE!! I was just checking into how my book was doing on Amazon. As of tonight, it has been accessed (either borrowed from the lending library or purchased) 1281 times from places all over the world. Yesterday it was only 652 times. I'd say that it's been quite a hit, so far.

I would like to thank those who have left reviews of it on Amazon. It's been reviewed by 4 people now. It seems like people love it for one reason or another, and I'm so grateful for their feedback! I'm starting to think I might have to do the print-on-demand option, and maybe do the whole separate blog thing for it... and you know, attempt to appear all professional and stuff.

Apparently in the Amazon Best Sellers Rank, it's sitting at #531 in the Kindle Store, #4 in the Family Relationships Category (for Kindle) and #26 in the Children's Fiction (for Kindle)... out of how many books in total, I don't know. That sort of blows my mind! It's currently rated 4.8 stars out of 5. That makes me very happy.

Here's a link to e-book reviewer Paul Little's blog from Denmark ( whereupon I stumbled yesterday, who kindly took the time to read and review my book. He put a portion of this review on Amazon, but the whole thing can be read at the link above.  Thank you, Paul Little! I don't know you, but I sure appreciate your words!

The whole thing's so exciting that it's already got the wheels turning for my next project. I'll just have to gather my thoughts and then start to work on it.

Jules :Oelated)


    The Grunt said...

    I just downloaded and read it! You did good. The illustrations reminded me of South Park's visual style (that's my way of relating to it since I don't read children's books), but in a very appropriate way and better crafted. If I had kids, I'd enjoy reading it to them. I will have to tell my niece about it. Kudos to your success! You are an inspiration, Jules.

    SIMON said...

    It is all well deserved but of course exciting!! Some very sound selling figures there and a great review from Paul Little.
    Amazon also send the reviewers an e mail when the 'purchaser was helped by the review' I have received 2 of those over this weekend!!

    Oh get the next project rolling!!

    Nisha Jha said...

    Congratulations! Well deserved.
    I can understand the feeling & excitement. :)

    All the best for future books. :)