Saturday, February 09, 2013

My life as a movie rating

Here is what you get when I have oodles of free time on my hands. I was contemplating this one question: 
What would my life be rated if it were a movie? That prompted me to wiki the ratings for movies, and this is the result of me reading that information. Based on the definitions, I would have to say that I can't generalize my life as one rating. So I'm going to follow through with a percentages thing. I'll let you have a brief read of the def's and then you can carry on below that to my analysis. 

I believe that my actual life breaks down this way, as per the movie rating system:

50% is PG -13 - due to the suggestive material, nudity, some sexual situations and brief strong language.
27% is G - those are the times when my son and or foster guy are home (no sexual goings-on but I might sneak in a little bit of mild language from time to time).
12% is R - for the use of suggestive material, hard language, crude sexual content, sex and nudity.
10% is NC-17 - very satisfying, explicit sexual content happens at times in my life, believe it or not, someday I will be married and this will jump exponentially.
1% is PG - what can I say.. the only thing that worked for me in that def was the implied sexual activity.

There. Does that add up to 100%?
Did you just pause to add it? Don't you think I can actually add, you silly gip?

What do you rate your life in movie ratings terms?

Jules :O?


SIMON said...

Of course I stopped and added it up - you asked me to!!

My life is now more like a very short R/PG movie with a very long and random intermission!!

The UnMighty said...

I did the math, and it seems that 72% of your life is just different degrees of sexual intensity.

Jules said...

Si - Intermissions are where all the fun can happen.

Ben - Yes. Yes it is. Yes.