Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My metamorphosis..

Ok, I'm on Day 6 of my isolation from having my RAI Ablation Therapy and to be honest, things are starting to become a little bit dire. How do I know it? I've actually contemplated cleaning my windows.

Cleaning my windows is THE task that I hardly EVER do. I hate cleaning windows because 10 seconds after I do it, they are marked up again because of several reasons:

a) I have a child who loves to play at the window
b) sneezing, coughing or booger debris deposits (because of a, above)
c) during the winter months my child finds it exciting to breathe heavily and draw designs on the windows
d) birds fly and poop on my windows from time to time
e) no matter how hard I try and be streak free, there are ALWAYS streaks, and that's annoying
f) let's face it, we can't control where dust flies and settles
g) in the warmer months, you have no idea what gross things get on there when flies land and walk on them

So basically, I'd rather never clean my windows. I just hate that task. Yet here I am on Day 6 contemplating doing it. The only thing worse than cleaning windows is replacing the shower curtain liner, and I've been looking at that with thoughts of doing the deed also. Seriously.. WHO AM I becoming?!

What has this isolation come to? I'm afraid to find out what I've morphed into by tomorrow, let alone, Day 10.

Jules :Oyikes!


SIMON said...

Step AWAY from the windows!! Drop the window spray to the floor, kick it away!
Hands above your head, move slowly to the middle of the room!!

Jules said...

I managed to avoid the task yesterday. Today, though, I'm not so sure.... yikes!

Jonathan Wieler said...

I dont think I have ever had a bird poop on my window. At least I have never noticed it before.