Saturday, February 09, 2013


Well, yesterday I went to the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton and received my dose (hopefully my only dose) of radioactive iodine. In order to totally wipe out the rest of my thyroid, and thus the cancer cells that were there also, they had to administer this radioactive iodine ablation therapy. I viewed yesterday as the first day of my healthy new life. It's not every day that you get to feel that way.

It was really easy to do. Sit in a chair, drink this radioactive liquid that tasted like almond extract (not offensive at all), and then stay in the nuclear medicine room for an hour, while every once in a while a Technician checks on me behind a lead wall. It was an easy treatment to receive. They put this bracelet on me that has to stay on for 1 week, in case anyone needs to know of my radioactivity, and they gave me a letter so that when alarms go off at border crossings because of my residual radiation, I can still go to through the border.

My Technician cracked this one joke that made me laugh "You'll never be *hotter* than you are right this moment", he said to me with a huge grin and a wink.. and then he realized the inappropriateness of that and clarified "I mean, radioactively speaking, of course." But I'm sure he says that to every patient he gives that stuff to. It's probably his *go-to* joke. It was still funny.

So now I am in quarantine for 10 days. Heavy duty quarantine for 4 days, then I can be within 3 feet of people until day 10. On day 7, I will go back and get tested for radioactive output and they will tell me whether my boys can come home on day 10, or if they need to stay away until day 14.

What does a person do with herself at home for that long of time and not start to go a little bit loopy? And before you go off on that "do with herself" tangent, I can't even think about being horny, because *all* of my bodily fluids are radioactive. So now that I can't even do THAT.. what shall I do with myself.

Yesterday was day 1. I got home and just focused on relaxation, and drinking tons of water so I would pee lots. That was my job yesterday, and to some extent it also is today. Work on peeing. Fluid expulsion  The more of that I do, the less of it I have in my body.

Also today I finally put away all of my X-Mas stuff and dusted the whole living room and entrance way. Things look neater now. I've tweeted a bit, blogged a bit, hung up a photo of my son that should've been done eons ago, and chatted with my sis via g-talk. I guess it will be about doing small things spread out throughout the day so as not to get everything done all at once. Maybe 1 task every 2 hours or so. Tonight I'll watch a movie called "The Game of their Lives" with Gerard Butler in it and drool. Cuz I love him.

I'm guessing I'll be doing a lot of blogging. Because you're never really alone when you've got a computer and the internet, right?

Good times.
Jules :O)


Tys on Ice said...

this is why u need to b an indian...chakra meditation woman...we have lots of fun stuff to do when we are alone...nope, well, that too...

SIMON said...

No you're never wholly alone when you are online but it's not the same is it?

Good luck and I hope the time whizzes by for you.

Jules said...

Yes, Tys, I will look up how to do chakra meditation on youtube. Thanks for the advice! Weee! On my way to a higher plane...

Si - Well, I'm on day 4 now, it's going by well, getting stuff done that needs to be done..