Saturday, March 16, 2013

bedtime story status achieved...

I went over to my friend's house tonight for a movie and she greeted me with warmth, as always. We got talking somehow about my Moms Are Magic book. She has two daughters and one son, all under 10 years of age. She said to me: "Oh Jules, I have to tell you... I read your book to my girls every night at bedtime, they ask me to read it to them. And if I give my youngest daughter my ipad she'll take it into her bedroom and I'll find her flipping through the pages on her own!"

So naturally, I very happily beamed and thanked her for telling me that! It made me feel super good because I was told by someone who offered the only less than favorable review it has gotten that it wouldn't become a classic bedtime story or anything.

She went on to say tonight also that her daughter's favorite page is the "smarty-brainiac" page. The whole thing made me just glow. It's one thing to have an adult appreciate your work, but to get positive feedback from children is awesome on a different level! Thanan adores it also, but he's biased, I would say.

So I told her I was working on my next book and on making this one printable and she jumped at the chance to buy a hard copy.

I might not get rich off this new little endeavour of mine, but if I'm the cause of bringing a smile to a child's or parent's face, or if my book will help a child learn to be literate, then I say this has all been more than worthwhile!!

It's easy to find my book, if you'd like to check it out. Just google "Moms Are Magic".

Jules :OD


SIMON said...

I should imagine she did jump at the hard copy, can't give her child the ipad every night!
Positive reviews from kids will definitely become more numerous and I frankly always had it down as a 'bedtime' book anyway!
Once again - so well done!

Jules said...

Once again, thank you Si :)