Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Easter Mountains

The Mission Mountain Range, Montana - Easter 2013
I thought about trying to hook up with Quiet Paths while I was down in the States but I really hadn't thought that through in time and didn't end up meeting. But I'm sure we will this summer sometime. You can barely see a portion of Flathead Lake in the top left of this photo. I like all the colors and warmth of this photo, the spring season begins earlier down there than it does up here for sure. 

A view of Flathead Lake from the highway as you are about to roll on down into Polson, Montana... no wait... this might be closer to Big Arm Bay.. those of you who know will have to remind me. Every time I have to say goodbye to Thor, I nearly lose all sense of everything, so I'm not sure where I was there.

This was the only bit of blue sky I saw while driving through the mountains on the way home. The sun was out in Missoula when I left there, but it clouded over completely by the time I hit West Glacier until I arrived back in Canada, aside from here at upper St. Mary Lake. It was worth a pause in the 9.5 hour drive back home.

Jules :Oj


SIMON said...

I'm not sure it matters exactly where it is because that second picture is amazing!

Jules said...

Thank you Si, it was a brilliant view, totally had to pull over to snap the photo.