Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I've been lacking bedside lamps forever. Today as I strolled through HomeSense, I started to have a little vision. It started with the remote control faux candles. Then it went to some sort of cylindrical container to host them in. Then it evolved into the concept of mirroring two cylinders. Then it needed some sort of topper. Since I've always loved topiary, I went with a boxwood ball.

I brought it all home, and started to play with it. It looks exactly like I'd envisioned it (it actually looks so much cuter in real life). I don't think it will really give off a lot of light, maybe not even enough to read by at night, but I sure think they turned out adorable. I added a black ribbon where the two cylinders met to hide the fact that they are two pieces, after securing them together with white duck tape (hidden). The best part is that with one remote, I can turn on and off each lamp separately, they don't have to both come on and off at the same time, and when the battery runs out, I can easily undo the lamp, just by untwisting the top cylinder, replace the battery and do it all back up lickety-split.

Another cool thing is that if I get sick of them being my lamps, I can just undo them and use them for pasta or other decorative things around the house. Most of all, this project got me two lamps for less than $60, and they are totally unique. And if I want to change them up a bit from time to time, I could fill the bottom cylinder with something colorful or fun.

I went shopping for birthday gifts, and came out with lamps for me (I did get gifts too). Can't wait to see how they look tonight in the dark. 

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

Oh I think that I would have to change the bottom cylinder almost weekly and each one would have to be photographed and posted, somewhere!! Lentils yeah and dried pineapple and M&Ms and Skittles, ok maybe not the dried pineapple!!
Nice one!

Jules said...

LOL, thanks Si