Friday, April 12, 2013

saga continues

Today I woke up with the most excruciating ear ache I've ever had. I thought a horse had kicked me in the right side of my head throughout the night somehow. I thought I must have gotten an inner ear infection, as I've had plenty of ear aches in my life and none of them have ever felt this bad.

So off I went to the walk in clinic to see what a Doc had to tell me. In fact, I was hoping he would say this was indeed an infection and that I could get rid of it with ear drops, because if he told me the alternative, it would mean having to re-visit keeping the cat here.

Regretfully, he told me my ears look great, no infection... and that I must be reacting to something within my home environment to have that amount of pain. So what could that be within my home.. there's no pollen or hamsters, and very little dust. So it's got to be the re-introduction of having a cat here, as that's my only other allergy. Bless her poor little kitty cat heart, she's so sweet and old and loving.. but I can't keep her here if she's going to make me this sick.

I thought I could handle it, because I used to have my own cat, but it seems that within the time that mine has passed away, my allergy towards them has increased 10 fold. Now I get itchy eyes, severe stuffiness, and now my ears are drastically affected due to the congestion.

I mentioned the fact that I was in such bad shape to my home coordinator for work and she offered to take the cat until my friend takes possession of her home. I thought it was extremely nice of her to offer. She and her family all love animals, and have a room they can set aside specifically for this kitty, so that she won't feel stressed by them or the other pets. She even said it didn't matter if she missed the litter box because they're renovating and will be tearing out the carpets soon anyway! It won't get better than that! So I texted my friend and asked her what she thought, but it seems that she's a bit upset with me. But I don't know that for sure, as I haven't had the opportunity to directly talk to her about it yet. We did agree that we'd move the cat on Sunday morning though. I hope she's ok with it, as keeping her here just isn't going to be healthy for me at all.

On one hand, I feel like crying because I wasn't able to come through for my friend entirely.. on the other hand, I feel happy because I really feel like this community can and will come together when someone's in need. What a roller coaster though.

Jules :O)(

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SIMON said...

Oh dear that's a real good news/bad news story.
I had a friend whose allergy to cats got worse after a long while without a cat. Not fair is it?