Tuesday, April 09, 2013

stress and things I can't fix

I've been really occupied for the past week and a half. My friend got evicted on extremely short notice through no fault of her own, with her kids and cat, and I've been trying all that I can do to help them out. I helped them move their stuff, am storing what I can for them, and for a while she was staying with me, but after her kids came home after Easter break, I just didn't have enough room for them all here, so she moved in with my relative, who had more than enough space to accommodate them. It's too bad, too, because I was really enjoying having another adult around here, and a friend to visit with regularly.

We thought the cat had a home for the next month while she waited to take possession on a house that she was able to buy, but that became a bit of an issue, so I thought that since I used to have a cat, I would be able to just take her in for the month. We brought her here last night and I was so upset to see it all unfolding as a total disaster.

My foster guy is a really sensitive sleeper and gets wound up really easily with certain things. Combine that with an aged cat who is feeling displaced and missing her family, who showed her distress all night with howling and crying, and what you get is incompatibility. I was so sad, but I had to text my friend and say I couldn't watch her cat for her, because literally, I had to get permission to give my guy his prn sleep aide in order to eventually get him to fall asleep. Every time he was quiet for a few minutes, the poor distressed cat would cry repetitively and that would set the guy off, who would then start to yell and not fall asleep. It was just disastrous and continuous. I'm not allowed/able to go to sleep if he's awake, so the cat howling, causing the guy to get worked up and not sleep also meant me not sleeping. I was afraid the whole thing would wake up Thanan, too, but thankfully that didn't happen, however, he did comment on hearing a cat through the night when he woke up this morning.

Well, I don't know what the outcome is going to be. My relative doesn't allow pets in her home, so taking the cat there isn't an option, but the cat is expressing some serious lament still and keeps going to the rooms where the friend's stuff is stored and howling. She'll go through spurts of quiet and then at the worst times, she'll start to cry. I think I have to have her here for at least tonight again, and I'm so stressed out about how it will go. Yet, I feel so bad that I can't just make this one thing work, after all we've worked through so far.

I guess I'm not perfect, and I can't control things like this... people and animals have their own free will and respond to things differently than you would expect sometimes. I just wish I could fix this.

Bummed out.

Jules :O(

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SIMON said...

OMG what a story, your reward will surely be in heaven for all these kind hearted things you take on!
So sorry for the cat, the friend, you but most importantly your foster guy. Love to you all!!