Monday, April 22, 2013


There are a few things I have learned recently.

1) NEVER buy razors from a dollar store, no matter how many blades they have per razor and how much you can save. They will cut you. They are dull. Spend the money and buy regular ones from Walmart instead. $2 razors = pain and suffering.

2) Always buy your next pair of tweezers from a reputable drug store with a cosmetic department. Buying one from MaryKay didn't work for me. Buying one from the dollar store didn't work. Buying one from Walmart didn't even work. Add those 3 up and you've got the cost of a really nice sharp pair from somewhere like Shoppers Drug Mart that will last you a year or more. Money wasted.

3) Don't hold your gas inside. All that happens there is pain and distress. It's okay to fart or burp. Just be polite about it. Also, tell people if you are having stomach issues. It's not embarrassing, it's good information, and you might get some sympathy.

4) Understand the technology behind pillows and spend some money on a good one according to whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper. A suitable pillow can stop snoring, and can be the difference between waking up with a headache from a crimped neck or not in the morning.

I thought I had 5 things saved up in my mind to share with you but I can't remember the 5th. If anyone ... wait, I just remembered it:

5) Massaging the arch of your feet is supposed to get your bowels moving and cure constipation. Instead of taking laxatives, try that.

I probably should have stopped at #4.

Jules :Oj


Quiet Paths said...

:<)I just really enjoy your insights... pretty funny. And interesting. Pillows are really important. Razors are too. And shampoo and lotions. Ah, been reading up on that stuff. Yikes.

SIMON said...

Yes you should have stopped at #4!
Nice post Jules!!

Jules said...

QP - I'm glad you like my insights! I've been doing the best I can to make a switch over to organic and healthy products. I like Desert Essence for shampoo and conditioner, and leave in hair conditioner, and body wash. I've been trying to find a good organic deodorant that actually works. Let me know if you find one.

Si - I almost never stop when I should, lol.