Friday, May 17, 2013

A morning stroll along the lake

This morning my foster guy and I spent the morning wandering around Sylvan Lake. It was almost completely peaceful, aside from one guy who was racing his remote control speed boat in the lake and creating a lot of noise. But where he wasn't, the lake was glass calm, the smells were outstanding, and the paths were just beckoning out footprints. Here's a view of the commercial and residential side of the lake.  In the warm months, this place is so packed you can barely find a spot to claim for the day. It's one of Central Alberta's most popular summer tourist destinations. 

If you stroll all the say down the shoreline, eventually you come to this commercial area where this bright red rail exists. They designed it right, in my opinion.. I love the circles.

I know I cut the tops of the plant off here, but I love how this pic turned out anyway. It's pretty. And It smelled really good, but for some reason, this blog doesn't come with smell-a-vision.

Come sit with me sometime on one of these newly installed brilliantly blue benches? Sylvan Lake has done a giant number of upgrades over the past year and a half or so. They've redone Lakeshore Drive completely, built a number of change buildings and washrooms, created a new playground and lined their new walkways with benches, chairs, litter, recycle and butt-out bins, laid new sod. The only thing it's missing, in my humble view, is more of a beach area. Most of the shore is grass.

There are a bunch of new lights which probably look amazing in the evening. I even like them during the daytime. There are 3 different varieties. This single one, and two different double light varieties. I can imagine the soft yellow glow and walking hand-in-hand with Thor on an evening date night. *sigh*

If you're ever in Central Alberta, Sylvan Lake is a really nice place to spend a morning, afternoon, or evening. Most people grab a spot early and take up residence for the entire day. It has everything you'd need for a whole day's worth of activity and food.

You're welcome, Sylvan Lake, for your free publicity. ;)

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

Sylvan Lake owe you big style!!
Thank you for not doing what everyone including me does/did and post the pic of the maple leaf cow outside The Big Moo Ice cream parlour!!

don said...

What a nice place to have so close.

Jules said...

Si - Yes, I thought I'd showcase the improvements instead.

Don - It really is awesome, but in the summer it can be far too over crowded. So nice this time of year though.

Quiet Paths said...

That is very pretty. I've never been there.

Jules said...

QP - If you're ever up this way, stop there.. but not before you stop into my house and get me first! It's nothing like Flathead, but it's the nicest lake close to me.