Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Back on Breezy

Finally! My first bike ride of the year.. out with Breezy. We went 25 kms (approx 14 miles). It took us 87 minutes. My average speed was.. not all that fast, but not entirely too slow either, I went between 19 - 24kph. I had a nice long downhill stint and then subsequently a somewhat difficult climb to get back out of where I went. My chain fell off when I was trying to switch to the easiest gear, but I got it back on, and washed off most of the oil that took up residence on my fingers in the sand, rocks and water of the cool, refreshing river.

I loved every minute of it, and will probably do it again tomorrow.

Things might be changing with my foster guy after the end of June, what with all the funding cuts, and I might have him with me all day long, Monday to Friday, so if that happens, I won't be able to go bike riding much at all. At least never in the daytime on weekdays. So I have to get some in while I can.

Jules :Oweee)


Quiet Paths said...

Good for you! That's nothing to sneeze at - 14 miles.

SIMON said...

So now you know summer is nearly upon us!! Nice one Jules.

Jules said...

QP - It was so nice being on the bike, I rode farther than I'd intended..

Si - Yes! Well, I would have been out much sooner, but I was storing a friend's stuff in my garage and my bike was buried, more or less.

don said...

I end up mowing instead of riding. But that looks like a very nice ride you had.

Jules said...

Don - Maybe you need a smaller yard. I have one you can have.. then you'd have time to ride! ;)