Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cabin Getaway

If you should ever decide to go stay at the Fairmont Mountain Bungalows in Fairmont BC, you could be treated to a quaint little private cabin like this: 

Which is surrounded by beautiful natural habitat like this: 

And if you go exploring a little bit, you might luck out and find a drumming forest grouse like this: 

And after a dynamic day you can relax with a fire in your cabin like this: 

Before retiring to the comfy bed in the interior which could be like this: 

And if you have a look out the back yard of the cabin, you could see this: 

And if you go this time of year, you will see pine trees in bloom like this! 

We changed it up last time we got together. Thor and I stayed in the above bachelor cabin, with one big open room, but the Fairmont Mountain Bungalows actually has single and double bedroom cabins as well. You will also get the full amenities, such as wi-fi, a stocked kitchenette (with all the dishes you'll need, linens and dish soap), a full sized coffee pot (even though ours took a long time to brew), living room area with a hide-a-bed, a wood burning fireplace, flat screen tv,  3 or 4 piece bathroom with lots of hot water, a BBQ for your own personal use, ample parking, privacy, and friendly service.

The things you won't find here are a clock and a telephone (but there is an old telephone booth near the office), and stress. I recommend this type of getaway if you don't mind the rustic cabin in the mountains sort of feel. We loved it and will go back again sometime.

Jules :Osonice!


SIMON said...

That post should be submitted to BC tourism. Good job!

Jules said...

Ya, but they probably wouldn't appreciate being on a blog where they are the spotlight one day and the next I'm talking about Swack(and worse).... lol

Quiet Paths said...

Holy moley that looks wonderful! And your photos... you lucky lady finding the grouse. Gorgeous.

Jules said...

QP - It really was wonderful. Wonderful enough to go back again and again, which we intend to do. The problem is it's only open during the peak season there. So in the colder months, we'll go back to staying at our usual place in Radium. The grouse was totally cool.