Sunday, May 19, 2013

I wonder about color...

As I stared at a photo of Thor with his brilliant blue eyes, I wondered something. If anyone actually knows the scientific answer to this, I'd be interested in finding out.

Are people attracted to people who's eyes match their favorite color, even if it's on a subconscious level?

So my favorite color is blue (pink too, but people don't come with pink eyes for some reason), and I can't get enough of Thor's blue eyes. Sometimes they really pop in a photo and those are the ones I am drawn to the most.

Do people who love shades of greens tend to find green eyed people more attractive? Would someone with brown eyes attract the attention of someone really into earthy colors?

These are both photos of my eyes, I think I look better as hazel, but the 2nd pic is cooler in some respects. I suspect some of you human psychology students or experts out there could accurately answer this question for me.

Jules :O?

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SIMON said...

Eyes are certainly very important in the attraction process however I'm not sure if it's only to do with colour.