Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I'm deep like the ocean...

It's only through trials and adversity that we develop perserverance, strength, and determination. If you've ever wondered "why me?", it is because you need to work on developing characteristics like those. Examine your situation with an open mind and figure out what life is trying to say to you. Each day that you are alive is full of your own compliment of *teachable moments* for you to capitalize on and make the best of.

End of thought, end of post. Night-night.

Jules :0j


SIMON said...

That is deep, yes like the ocean but not unfathomable.
You have always made your visitors here think things out for themselves!!

The Grunt said...

There's this Chinese restaurant in West Valley (across the tracks from SLC) called "Wa Me". I always crack up when I see it because I always picture a question mark at the end of the name. Maybe that's how you feel after eating there, lol!

ryanOryan said...

well said new friend

Jules said...

Si - That's why you all must be coming back... hey?

Grunty - I'm surprised noone's ever actually put a question mark there.. it's so obviously funny!

Ryan - Welcome to my blog! As tradition dictates, here's your free ((HUG)) for stopping by!