Monday, May 20, 2013


If you will remember, I started working on a little backyard area last summer. I was graciously given an old door, which I had fun sloppily painting white and roughing up, and I hung a flower basket on it (and have also recently planted my vines to drape it in green this summer), but it was lacking a door knob. So last Christmas, Thor gifted me the very important, very sought after missing piece, this beautiful antique door plate and knob. Today I finally got around to installing it and it just couldn't be a more perfect fit. 

It's from one of the boathouses at Flathead Lake. He took it off and gave it to me and with it, he was also giving me a forever piece of his life there, where he spent every weekend as a child and almost as many weekends of his adult years as well. There's a ton of meaning behind the gift, and I totally love it. Now that it's hanging, it will continue to weather and grow a history here, and be looked upon with adoring eyes. A doorknob holds the magic of every person who's ever touched it to open the door it hung on. It holds the history of all the adventures, the secrets, the love, the hard work, the spontaneity, the promises, the misfortunes and the fortunes of all the hands that turned it. It silently listens to the world around it, and smiles every time it can be of use to someone as it releases the latch and allows their passage. 

I've loved the concept of using a door as art for quite some time now, because to me, it is the hint of something waiting to be found... open the door, what exists on the other side, what new beginnings are there awaiting you? It beckons a person and allows them to daydream.

Jules :Oyay!


SIMON said...

It's a great project and enhanced by the knob. Doors and gates just fascinate me!

What's next for the door I wonder?!

Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

Fascinating history of the door and the handle, you're good at writing you can find many shades.

I wish you a lot of magic and emotions with your door!

Hello Jules

Jules said...

Si - thanks! Yes, I wonder what's next, too. Even I don't know.

Ivo - I'm glad you enjoyed my post!

Quiet Paths said...

I love it. The red flower (geranium?) makes that scene complete. Very nice story behind the knob too.

Jules said...

QP - It's just a happy little petunia, freshly planted. It will be really beautiful in the summer when everything starts to really grow in. :)