Thursday, May 02, 2013

sticker car people...

Ok, so I think I've posted about these little sticker things for vehicles in the past. I think last time it was about the one I saw that was zombies saying they'd eaten the stick family. I thought that was hilarious, because these things sort of make me gag. I think they're tacky and lame, and way overdone. Everyone has them. Except I don't. Cuz I think they're tacky and lame. 

So from the above photo, we can assume that this is a vehicle belonging to a family with 2 adults, 2 kids and 2 dogs, and that they've all been to Disneyland or Disneyworld, right? Aww. Isn't that just perfect. #sarcasm

The other day on my way to dropping off my foster guy, I saw one of these that was on a really nice little burgundy colored SUV, and it was just a female adult and a dog. Suddenly, after wanting to barf at these for so long, a eureka moment hit me. 

Instead of being turned off by these things, I now think they should become mandatory for the entire world to use. Mandatory for every vehicle out there in use. The reason I think this is because what better way to advertise marriage or single-hood? This is the perfect way for people to know who to hit on and who is already taken. Single people would no longer need to rely on awkward meat-market online dating sites, bars or coffee shops. Consider this example: a single man could spend all his time in parking lots, drawing diagrams of where all the "single woman" cars are, make proper notes, and then while sitting in a tree with a pair of binoculars, they could scope out the vehicles of their choice and see if the single person getting in it is worth pursuing. #notcreepyatall

So to take this one step further, the makers of those sticker things could make ones that are just numbers, and people who become interested in, say, the woman with the dog, could stick their phone number on her car and she would then decide whether to call the person or not. Maybe the guy could even stick on a sticker of "adult male" and his bird, so the woman would know what she was getting herself into. 

Yeah. I totally see those things as a means for singles to scope out other single people of the world now. It would eliminate the whole infidelity thing. "Oh, there's a family on that car, it's off limits. But heeeyyy.. there's a single adult male and his miniature-frisbee-catching fish. Perfect fit."

Are you following me here? Could be the next big thing in dating. 

Jules :OI'msosmart)


SIMON said...

Ha ha ha that really did make me LOL!! Love it when that happens!
You have obviously given this a lot of thought - it is wrong on almost every level imaginable!

Great post Jules.

don said...

If I made that decal I'd have one of the dogs lifting its leg.

Jules said...

Si - Wrong? I say nay nay. It's the next greatest tool.

Don - You should be the one designing those. You'd be rich by now! I can't believe how they took off. Everyone would buy a dog that's about to pee one, I'm sure.