Saturday, June 29, 2013

About my thyroid

I wanted to take a moment to update you all on my whole thyroid cancer thing.

The last time I went in  to the Cross Cancer Institute, my Oncologist told me that I currently have no cancer markers in my blood (thank you all for your prayers!). This was a giant huge indescribable relief. I will undergo a few more consults and blood tests between now and my one year from radiation anniversary, and then next February I will have the full work up with blood work and all the fancy scans etc, and they will tell me then on a more official level how I am doing.

I remember that after my thyroid surgery, I was mortified at how my scar looked. Soon enough, I began to view my scar as a reminder that I was winning the battle with cancer, and I began to regard my scar as a happy, life saving scar. I didn't mind it anymore. I had my surgery in October 2012, and now, just 8 months later, you can hardly see it. I am lucky to have had a wonderful Surgeon. I doubted I would heal "pretty" at the time, but now I don't even notice or think much about it.

Me with my goiter and before my surgical scar: 

Me with my scar approx. 5 months post surgery: 

Me with my scar approx. 7 months post surgery:

Thor wondered on the phone with me the other night if it all seemed like an eternity ago already. To some degree it really does. I'm putting it into that space in my memory that I can access if I need to, but I tend not to, if I can help it. That does make it seem like a big thing of the past, even though I'm still dealing with the aftermath on a daily basis.

I'm writing this because it appears as if lots of people search for help or information regarding: thyroidectomy. I'm here to tell you that if in doubt, get it done. Save yourself. The crappy initial side effects like the pain and the voice hoarseness went away within a month or two. Then they became memories. I didn't lose my voice, and now I even sound better than I did before. My parathyroids were all kept in tact. My scar, while it was intially shocking to me and lowered my self esteem, is really a thing of the past now, and I'm sure it will be for you too. If you have a great surgeon, I think the percentage of having a long lasting side effect is fairly small. But I'm no expert.

Being on Synthroid is strange, but ok. I set a reminder on my phone so that in case I forget, it will remind me daily. Easy. Because you don't want to forget to take it. Symptoms of not being on the right dose of synthroid have included these for me thus far: eye twitchiness, dry itchy skin, more hair loss, fatigue, lower sex drive and less natural lubrication, irritability, dry mouth (irritated tongue). I think that's about all. But the doctors will keep testing and adjusting your synthroid levels until they get it right, so hopefully those symptoms and whichever others you may have will subside as you level out.

I hope that for all of you searching about this topic, you can rest a bit more easily now. This has been my experience. I'm not saying it will be yours, but it might give you a little bit of hope that things will turn out alright for you, too.

Best of luck... conquer!!
Jules :O)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Make a wish?

What did your family do with the wishbone?

In my house when we were young, we would save it from the carcass, let it dry on the windowsill and a few hours later it would be nice and crispy and ready. With one end of it in my little hand and the other end of it in my sister's, mom would say "Ok, make a wish!" and we would both close our eyes, count to three and then pull. Legend had it in my household that if you won the larger part of the wishbone, your wish would come true.

The thing about wishes is they can be granted to you anytime throughout your lifetime, and by the time your wish actually comes true (and if you're anything like me with my crappy memory), you've forgotten your wish by the time it was granted, therefore you never feel like your wishes are granted.

Wish granting should be an immediate thing. I declare this now to the almighty wish granters out there, whom I'm sure are actively listening to me, or reading my thoughts as I type.

OFFICIAL REQUEST: I wish that wish granting would happen immediately after the reasonable wish was wished, or at least within the following 3 days, especially where a wishbone or falling star was properly utilized to make the wish.

So, what did you do with your wishbones?

Jules :O?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I haven't posted a pet peeve in a while...

Sometimes I want to be funny but really all I can think of to say is fml.

If you don't know what fml means, it's probably for the better.

I guess I'll talk about 2 pet peeves of mine that have annoyed me lately. If you find this post funny, that's great.

1) Automatically flushing toilets that flush prematurely really annoy me. You go do your business and then have to either lean one way or another to wipe, or lean one way or another to reach for the toilet paper and the thing flushes on you before you've even thought of pulling up your pants. It's especially annoying when the flush is so hard that toilet water goes splurting and spraying everywhere and re-wettens you so that you have to reach for more toilet paper and lean to wipe all over again, when the toilet will inevitably flush prematurely again. It's a never ending cycle. I've learned to deal with this to some degree by estimating the amount of toilet paper I will need after I'm done my waste elimination, grabbing it ahead of time, and thus skipping that step at tjhe end of the process, preventing at least one of the two reasons for leaning, whereby the hope is to not be sprayed or prematurely flushed upon. Also, this is annoying when there are other people in the stalls around you because they are probably sitting in their stall wondering why on earth your toilet needs to be flushed so many times (ie. they're probably thinking they need to hold their breath or they'll die, given the amount of flushes you've done in just one sitting).

2) It's garage sale season. My pet peeve is people who leave their garage sale signs up AFTER the sale is done. Cuz then I'm driving along on a Monday or Tuesday thinking about what to do with a few free minutes, and I see a garage sale sign and think "Oh cool! I'll go do that" only to arrive at said address and see it's not there. Because it was a sign that was just left up after the weekend. If you're too lazy to take down your garage sale signs, don't have as many posted. Be a responsible garage-sale-r.

Jules :Ogrr.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Random Photos

I have 3 photos to share with you tonight. Here's a photo I took of the walking bridge over our river the day it was predicted to flood. The waters were still low, so the bridge was still open. It has since flooded down by this bridge, so it's closed now to all pedestrian traffic. Don't worry though, it won't be washed away. I thought the rain made for a beautiful reflection, amidst the horrors that Mother Nature was throwing at my province.

I took this photo of the condensation of my iced peppermint tea from Cool Beans Bus yesterday at Food Truck Friday. It was really cool how all morning it was pouring rain, but just in time for the food truck gathering, the skies turned partially blue and it was warm enough to create this on my cup. I just thought it looked pretty. Cup Bling.

Here's what I used as a birthday cake today. It's Butter Tart Squares. I threw caution to the wind and ate sugar. Real sugar. My tongue is paying for it tonight though. But here is a photo of that. Happy Birthday to me. I'm 37 years old now and I was told tonight that I look like I'm 24. Yes!

Jules :O)

Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm being selfish. I admit it.


First I will say this: God bless all the people who are in the midst of all the flooding in Alberta.. and BC. It's terrifying, I'm certain, and I can't even imagine losing my home to the ravaging flood waters, or watching your community and your roads disappear in front of your eyes. Bless you all, be safe, be dry.

Now that I have that out of the way, I need to say this: F*ck you, Mother Nature. It is my birthday weekend, and I was planning this awesome weekend at the cabin in BC with Thor. I was supposed to leave this morning and meet him there.

Yesterday the flooding around Canmore and Banff started. That closed the Trans Canada highway, the way I always travel to Radium/Fairmont. It was ok though, because while I felt badly about the people going through it, I still had a way to get there - up through Rocky Mountain House and Lake Louise, to Golden. So that was plan B. By 2:30pm, that plan was crossed off the list, as a section of that journey had a road closure now as well.. mudslides. But I wasn't about to give up. It would take nearly 8 hours to do it, but plan C was to travel south through Calgary, take the Crowsnest  Pass and up through Cranbrook. By the time I collected the kids from school, High River was flooded and Calgary was under evacuation. By the time I went to bed, Calgary was flooding. When I woke up this morning, 12 towns/cities in southern Alberta were evacuated, Calgary was under water, the main highway in Alberta was closed, my own city was under a flood advisory, and I was effectively cut off completely from being able to go meet Thor.

So. I'm trying not to be a big huge giant selfish baby about this. It's not even about missing my birthday plans, it's about missing my much needed, much treasured time with Thor. It's the inability to get to him that is totally bringing me down. I want to scream and stomp and throw a big fit over it all.. have an adult sized tantrum and cry.

Big sections of road are completely washed away. Who knows how long this flooding will go on for and how long it will take to rebuild the roads. Who knows how long it will be before they're even re-opened. I want to be hopeful that I'll at least have access via one route in the morning, but realistically, I don't think it will happen.

I hate that so called "acts of God" can keep me from being with the one I love. And I do mean HATE. Nothing brings me down these days more than things that stop my contact with Thor.

On the other hand.. I feel blessed that my home, my family, my city is ok. Just thought I'd throw that in there so that you know I'm not oblivious to how lucky I am right now.

Jules :Obigbaby(

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Uncensored, but funny

Hahahahahahaaaaa! I laughed hard when I saw this on a young single guy's car the other day. I had to follow him and take a photo of it. It probably creeped him out a little bit, come to think of it, but once the photo was snapped, I'm sure he realized what I was up to and just sat there in the driver's seat feeling all used.

My girlfriend said her daughter saw one recently that was a break up one with the guy kicking the girl out. If I ever see that one I'll likely creep that vehicle till I get it's photo too. So funny, this little stupid stick figure culture that seems to have gone crazy. I will never be a stick figure car window participant, but I do find humor in the ones that make fun of it.

Jules :Oha!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Is there anything better than a hot steaming cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning? 

Well, I can think of one way that's more satisfying to wake up to... but these frothy bubbles are a nice 2nd. Both are hot and steamy...   ;O)

Jules :Ommm!

Monday, June 10, 2013



Is my coffee table book. It is my new favorite book. It is my top pick of 2013 so far. It will offer you so much more than you'd ever expect from some of the most interesting of our population. You will be a better person for having read it. It will be helpful to you in more than one way and offer you an insight or two that you hadn't really thought about before.

I am thankful that I heard the interview with the author on CBC radio some months ago and decided I would go get it for myself. I purposefully read it long and slow and hard and I took the time to comprehend it with each chapter. I didn't move on until I understood every piece of advice and gave it thought about how it could apply to my world.

If you can't see the picture well enough, it is "30 Lessons for Living" written by Karl Pillemer, Ph. D.

Whenever I tell people about it, they go out and buy it, and then the next time I see them, they thank me. They look a little bit happier, they feel a little bit better.

Buy it. Read it. Digest it. Live by it.

Jules :O!

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

It's an animal's world...

As I was observing a large dog in the back of a truck that was in front of me in the Tim Horton's drive thru this morning I found myself thinking how awesome it would be to be that dog, carefree and happy within its own little world. Then I started thinking of some of the reasons animals have it better than us humans. Here's what I came up with while I was waiting to make my order.

1. Uber flexibility means you can lick yourself. (Don't tell me they ONLY lick themselves to get clean....)
2. You don't have to worry about how you smell or things like morning breath or pimples, and it doesn't matter if you have something in your teeth or on your face.
3. You don't need to copulate in private, and people smile, cheer and appear generally happy when they see you doing the deed.
4. What's a bad hair day?
5. You don't need to be potty trained and someone always cleans up your mess.
6. The biggest fashion concern is what color of collar to wear, unless you're a forest animal, in which case, you have no fashion concerns at all.
7. You can hitch a free ride anywhere and you don't have to wear a seatbelt, thus giving you free range of and the best views from the vehicle.
8. If all you want to do is sleep all day, nobody gives you a hard time about it.
9. It's fun having a secret system of communication that humans only try and understand. (Animals spend a lot of time gossiping about humans).
10. Making friends is really easy and other animals don't get offended if you sniff their crotch.

I would say this is not only applicable for household animals, but wild ones as well. Ahhhhh.. it's an animal's world out there. Maybe society imposes too many limitations on itself. Perhaps we should be able to sniff crotches and sleep all day without having any sort of penalty or fallout.

Jules :O)

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Uncensored.. this post contains bad language.

I was sitting with an entertaining group of ladies the other day, enjoying the pause in the rain, on a local coffee bus patio and taking part in this fun conversation. We were talking about how when you work out really hard you get sweaty everywhere.. and I mean everywhere and how there are those *special* words for sweat in your nether regions. You know them. Swack (sweaty butt crack) and swunt (well, that's the crack in the front).

Anyway, one of the gals says that she learned two new words recently, speaking of which. So we all chime in and ask what they are. She says "Swock and Swick!"  After about a 30 second delay, I go "Ohhhhh!!" and start to laugh out loud. the other ladies are slightly behind me, but they start to giggle and I say: "Sweaty cock, sweaty dick! HA! Gross!" as I flash the gal a huge naughty grin.

Then she goes "Do you know what the difference between a dick and a cock are? A cock is a nicely endowed penis and a dick is much smaller."  Then she pauses so we can all throw in our comments and then she says "Oh! And those who have extremely tiny penises (and illustrates this with a 1" gap between her thumb and index finger) are called dicklets!"

Then I exclaim "Oh my God.. Swock, swick and swicklet!" This is followed by lots of loud laughter.

Yes. Truth be told, this is what a group of mid 30's to mid 40's women can be caught talking about in the open air on a coffee bus patio.

Any. Given. Day.

Do men have different words for the size of women's boobs, I wonder? If so, clue me in. I have to stay *current* with my vocabulary.

Jules :OyesIsaidthat)