Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I haven't posted a pet peeve in a while...

Sometimes I want to be funny but really all I can think of to say is fml.

If you don't know what fml means, it's probably for the better.

I guess I'll talk about 2 pet peeves of mine that have annoyed me lately. If you find this post funny, that's great.

1) Automatically flushing toilets that flush prematurely really annoy me. You go do your business and then have to either lean one way or another to wipe, or lean one way or another to reach for the toilet paper and the thing flushes on you before you've even thought of pulling up your pants. It's especially annoying when the flush is so hard that toilet water goes splurting and spraying everywhere and re-wettens you so that you have to reach for more toilet paper and lean to wipe all over again, when the toilet will inevitably flush prematurely again. It's a never ending cycle. I've learned to deal with this to some degree by estimating the amount of toilet paper I will need after I'm done my waste elimination, grabbing it ahead of time, and thus skipping that step at tjhe end of the process, preventing at least one of the two reasons for leaning, whereby the hope is to not be sprayed or prematurely flushed upon. Also, this is annoying when there are other people in the stalls around you because they are probably sitting in their stall wondering why on earth your toilet needs to be flushed so many times (ie. they're probably thinking they need to hold their breath or they'll die, given the amount of flushes you've done in just one sitting).

2) It's garage sale season. My pet peeve is people who leave their garage sale signs up AFTER the sale is done. Cuz then I'm driving along on a Monday or Tuesday thinking about what to do with a few free minutes, and I see a garage sale sign and think "Oh cool! I'll go do that" only to arrive at said address and see it's not there. Because it was a sign that was just left up after the weekend. If you're too lazy to take down your garage sale signs, don't have as many posted. Be a responsible garage-sale-r.

Jules :Ogrr.


SIMON said...

Your pet peeves have always fuelled my imagination and your #1 certainly does that!!
It's summer fair signs left up that annoy me, pretty much the same!!

Jules said...

Do they have automatically flushing toilets in England? I don't recall..

Yes, any signage for things past dated are annoying. Grr.