Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm being selfish. I admit it.


First I will say this: God bless all the people who are in the midst of all the flooding in Alberta.. and BC. It's terrifying, I'm certain, and I can't even imagine losing my home to the ravaging flood waters, or watching your community and your roads disappear in front of your eyes. Bless you all, be safe, be dry.

Now that I have that out of the way, I need to say this: F*ck you, Mother Nature. It is my birthday weekend, and I was planning this awesome weekend at the cabin in BC with Thor. I was supposed to leave this morning and meet him there.

Yesterday the flooding around Canmore and Banff started. That closed the Trans Canada highway, the way I always travel to Radium/Fairmont. It was ok though, because while I felt badly about the people going through it, I still had a way to get there - up through Rocky Mountain House and Lake Louise, to Golden. So that was plan B. By 2:30pm, that plan was crossed off the list, as a section of that journey had a road closure now as well.. mudslides. But I wasn't about to give up. It would take nearly 8 hours to do it, but plan C was to travel south through Calgary, take the Crowsnest  Pass and up through Cranbrook. By the time I collected the kids from school, High River was flooded and Calgary was under evacuation. By the time I went to bed, Calgary was flooding. When I woke up this morning, 12 towns/cities in southern Alberta were evacuated, Calgary was under water, the main highway in Alberta was closed, my own city was under a flood advisory, and I was effectively cut off completely from being able to go meet Thor.

So. I'm trying not to be a big huge giant selfish baby about this. It's not even about missing my birthday plans, it's about missing my much needed, much treasured time with Thor. It's the inability to get to him that is totally bringing me down. I want to scream and stomp and throw a big fit over it all.. have an adult sized tantrum and cry.

Big sections of road are completely washed away. Who knows how long this flooding will go on for and how long it will take to rebuild the roads. Who knows how long it will be before they're even re-opened. I want to be hopeful that I'll at least have access via one route in the morning, but realistically, I don't think it will happen.

I hate that so called "acts of God" can keep me from being with the one I love. And I do mean HATE. Nothing brings me down these days more than things that stop my contact with Thor.

On the other hand.. I feel blessed that my home, my family, my city is ok. Just thought I'd throw that in there so that you know I'm not oblivious to how lucky I am right now.

Jules :Obigbaby(


The Grunt said...

Stay safe up there!

Steel Man said...

be safe lady!
Am a big fan and finally admit that I have been stalking your blog for more than a couple of years now! Find your irresistably attractive for your honesty! Would love to be in touch with you! can you mail me your email address to steelmanforthelady at gmail dot com ?

a little more about me: am of Indian origin who can try to be funny - works at sometimes and sometimes it does not! I hope that you are ok with non-white skin and I would indeed see an email from you soon! :)

Jules said...

Grunty - I am staying safe. Our river flooded but only to the low lying areas and bike paths right by the river. A few of the parks flooded. But I'm way up high so I'm good.

Steel Man - Well.. Hmm.. I'm not sure what to say. First, here's your free ((hug)) for stopping by. All of my new commentors get one. I'm just super friendly that way. But I must say, if you've been reading my blog for a couple of years, you'd know that I have a boyfriend, thus I can't really be in touch with you on a personal level. But I do appreciate you commenting, and I hope you continue to leave more comments! :) Also, what's not to like about funny Indian men? I'm certain there's a wonderful lady out there for you! :)

Steel Man said...

thanks for the hugs... wondering if its a good idea to hug women with sexy boobs?? may not be safe! ;) lol

Jules said...

Umm, well, when I said leave comments, I should have specified strictly platonic ones only. Ok?

Steel Man said...

hmm...sorry i was probably distracted because i was reading when i posted that! I should have been more responsible! :)

your yahoo email id does not work... tried to send you a little brithday greeting but it bounced back! which is why i asked for you email address :)

sorry again beautiful birthday girl... emphasis - platonically beautiful girl :) lol

Steel Man said...

not to mention .. even vividintellect30 at gmail dot com bounced back! lol perhaps need a few more tricks and lots more luck to guess your mail id! ;)

SIMON said...

I understand the selfishness I really do, but as long as you stay safe you'll be able to do it another weekend. So do stay safe, you and yours.

Jules said...

Steel Man - sorry, I won't be sharing my email address, but your birthday wishes on here were enough. Thanks!

Si - We did flood here, but not more than the 2005 flood. Bower Ponds, 3 Mile Bend and bike paths along the river flooded. Nothing compared to Calgary, Banff, Canmore, High River, Lethbridge.. etc.