Thursday, June 27, 2013

Make a wish?

What did your family do with the wishbone?

In my house when we were young, we would save it from the carcass, let it dry on the windowsill and a few hours later it would be nice and crispy and ready. With one end of it in my little hand and the other end of it in my sister's, mom would say "Ok, make a wish!" and we would both close our eyes, count to three and then pull. Legend had it in my household that if you won the larger part of the wishbone, your wish would come true.

The thing about wishes is they can be granted to you anytime throughout your lifetime, and by the time your wish actually comes true (and if you're anything like me with my crappy memory), you've forgotten your wish by the time it was granted, therefore you never feel like your wishes are granted.

Wish granting should be an immediate thing. I declare this now to the almighty wish granters out there, whom I'm sure are actively listening to me, or reading my thoughts as I type.

OFFICIAL REQUEST: I wish that wish granting would happen immediately after the reasonable wish was wished, or at least within the following 3 days, especially where a wishbone or falling star was properly utilized to make the wish.

So, what did you do with your wishbones?

Jules :O?


SIMON said...

What do we want?
Wishes granted!
When do we want it?

Nice post!!

Jules said...

What did your family do with the wishbone?

SIMON said...

Leave it on the kitchen window ledge for months!! It was then too dry and brittle to do anything with!!