Thursday, June 13, 2013

Uncensored, but funny

Hahahahahahaaaaa! I laughed hard when I saw this on a young single guy's car the other day. I had to follow him and take a photo of it. It probably creeped him out a little bit, come to think of it, but once the photo was snapped, I'm sure he realized what I was up to and just sat there in the driver's seat feeling all used.

My girlfriend said her daughter saw one recently that was a break up one with the guy kicking the girl out. If I ever see that one I'll likely creep that vehicle till I get it's photo too. So funny, this little stupid stick figure culture that seems to have gone crazy. I will never be a stick figure car window participant, but I do find humor in the ones that make fun of it.

Jules :Oha!


SIMON said...

You'll be getting a reputation for taking stick people pics!!

don said...

That's funny

Siddhartha Joshi said...

:) is funny :)

Jules said...

Si - Shit. I guess I'll refrain from posting those, you're probably right.

Don - Right?! I thought so.

Sids - You're alive! Where have you been? Glad you thought it was worth a chuckle too.