Saturday, June 01, 2013

Uncensored.. this post contains bad language.

I was sitting with an entertaining group of ladies the other day, enjoying the pause in the rain, on a local coffee bus patio and taking part in this fun conversation. We were talking about how when you work out really hard you get sweaty everywhere.. and I mean everywhere and how there are those *special* words for sweat in your nether regions. You know them. Swack (sweaty butt crack) and swunt (well, that's the crack in the front).

Anyway, one of the gals says that she learned two new words recently, speaking of which. So we all chime in and ask what they are. She says "Swock and Swick!"  After about a 30 second delay, I go "Ohhhhh!!" and start to laugh out loud. the other ladies are slightly behind me, but they start to giggle and I say: "Sweaty cock, sweaty dick! HA! Gross!" as I flash the gal a huge naughty grin.

Then she goes "Do you know what the difference between a dick and a cock are? A cock is a nicely endowed penis and a dick is much smaller."  Then she pauses so we can all throw in our comments and then she says "Oh! And those who have extremely tiny penises (and illustrates this with a 1" gap between her thumb and index finger) are called dicklets!"

Then I exclaim "Oh my God.. Swock, swick and swicklet!" This is followed by lots of loud laughter.

Yes. Truth be told, this is what a group of mid 30's to mid 40's women can be caught talking about in the open air on a coffee bus patio.

Any. Given. Day.

Do men have different words for the size of women's boobs, I wonder? If so, clue me in. I have to stay *current* with my vocabulary.

Jules :OyesIsaidthat)


SIMON said...

Really before I talk about Champagne, Wine and Beer glasses for three different sizes, bee stings and bazookas etc. I think I may need to know what a coffee bus patio is?!

Jules said...

If you just google "Cool Beans Bus Red Deer" you'll see! You'll get a real kick out of it, I'm certain. It's one of the coolest places to hang in Red Deer now. :)