Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Campout Days

Day 1 of our camping holiday was at Redstreak Campground in Radium, BC. I arrived before Thor, as I had less of a long haul to make. So I set up my shade umbrella tent thing and strummed my tenor while I waited for him to arrive. The site we had at Redstreak was massive, totally enough space for my car, his truck and the trailer. We could have had another truck and camper fit in there too. Great spot. And, because it was at the bottom of a hill, it was also quite private. I think it was site E18. The water and washrooms were right there as well, and the washrooms are fully equipped with flushable toilets, sinks and showers. So if you're looking for the camping experience without having to get too many layers of grunge on you, this is the campground for you. The problem is that everyone knows it and you have to call a couple of months ahead to reserve the spot you want, especially if you expect to get a spot over a weekend in the height of the tourism season. 

Thor arrived in "Old Yeller", hauling the '68 Aristocrat (which I just adore) in the early evening. We set up camp and then had some supper before driving over to the hot springs. There's a hiking trail that goes from the camp ground to the hot springs directly, it takes about 45 minutes to go one way. The first night we drove because it was late and dark (and there have been known to be bears and cougars in the area). The second day, we did the hike mid-day there and back. I thought that with my floppy heavy noodly after-the-hot-springs-legs that I normally get it'd be a drag going back to camp after the pools, but it wasn't bad at all.

We decided to go do the one thing in Radium that we'd never gone and done to date.. visit the Visitor Center and explore the Ktunaxa Nations Exhibit. Well, that was dual purposed because I have to do this "cultural diversity training" stuff for work, and that qualified. It was a small display, and we both thought there should be more artifacts and information on the existing artifacts, but it was enough to get a good taste for the history of the Ktunaxa Tribe.  This stained glass artwork was displayed there.

It's not a visit to Radium without seeing our friends, Fern and Graham, who own and operate the Village Country Inn there. They're always smiling, at least when we sit and chat with them, and they run a clean and cozy place. I've just graduated to "hugging" terms with them too, to my surprise and delight. They are nice people. Check out that Diamond Rated award plaque on the wall.. that says a lot!

Redstreak Campground is quite populated with forest critters, and this squirrel decided to eat a mushroom (I think) in my little umbrella shelter that I'd sat in earlier to play guitar. He left his crumbs there. Tsk tsk. At least he didn't poop on my blanket.

There were a few bugs around, and lots of butterflies. This one was attracted to one of our coolers, sat there sunbathing for a while. I think that's a butterfly. If it has hairy antennae it's a moth, right? I dunno. This one was pretty, anyway.

It's always a nice camp out experience when you have a nice fire. Thor said a phrase later on in the week that went: "Little fire - big fire. Big fire - little fire." Which means you can get closer to and therefore more heat from a little fire than you can to a big raging crazy fire. I think that's what it meant.. that's what I comprehended from it. It makes sense. Thor's an excellent fire builder and expert axe-man. Axes scare me, so I'm glad he's got awesome skills in that area. This fire looks like a phoenix or an eagle or some type of large bird in flight, to me.

Leaving Redstreak there were some big horn sheep on the side of the mountain. There are always sheep in Radium. I'm sure there's never been a time when we didn't see them there in 3 years. The difference between that side of the Rockies and the side I live on is the amount of visible wildlife. You hardly ever come across sheep or mountain goats on the Alberta side of the Rockies. But you see them over there. So I snapped this shot out the window as we left Redstreak and headed out of Radium, into Kootenay National Park to make our next stop at Marble Canyon Campground.

To be continued...

Jules :O)


don said...

nice account. I love the pic of Fern and Graham.

Jules said...

I got some of the red color out, you probably could have done a better job, but it's nice to have a photo of the two of them!

SIMON said...

I'm pretty sure that's a butterfly and a very pretty one at that!!