Wednesday, July 03, 2013


What is a home?

It's not a couch or a chair or a bed.
It's not a favorite room, or a big screen tv, or a collection of nick-knacks.
It's not pretty dishes or crystal stemware.
It's not a paint color, or wall decor.
It's not carpet or hardwood, or hardwood with a carpet inlay.
It's not a perfectly manicured yard.
It's not a place full of possessions.
It's not a fully stocked pantry or fridge.
It's not a fixed address.

Home is where your heart feels most happy.
Home can travel with you.
Home can be attached to a person instead of a place.
Home is family and love and a true sense of belonging.

When you're with the one you love, you should feel home.

That is what home is.

I hope to be able to stay *home* someday.

Jules :Oj


SIMON said...

True story!!

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Quiet Paths said...

I loved this.