Saturday, July 13, 2013

Knock knock...

Ok, I just couldn't stay away. I'm like the cat.

My son came up with this concept while we were driving around in the car:

Mom, if I had a booth at a carnival, I would make it a "Joke Booth". I could charge people 25 cents to hear a knock knock joke, 50 cents per other joke, 75 cents for the really funny jokes, and $3 for a joke book that they could have. Of course, then I'd have to have a whole bunch of joke books. But that's ok, because I could just think of jokes all day long and write them down and make my own joke books. Actually, we should do that.. I could make a Joke Booth on the front lawn.. like a lemonade stand only you have to pay for jokes.

..... I didn't quite have the heart to tell him it likely wouldn't be a lucrative business idea.. but I dread the day when I have to sit out front of my house and watch this concept bomb. But then, who knows.. maybe a joke booth would work. People love to laugh. And besides that, he'd probably be thrilled to just even sell one or two jokes at this age. Still... maybe I ought to suggest making it a joke/lemonade stand. It's better than his "rock garage sale" idea, where he just sells rocks.. plain ones, not even painted ones.

Jules :Ohaha)


SIMON said...

Very glad you didn't see fit to retire by the way!!

What about a random plain rock, lemonade, a knock knock joke and a random joke in a package for $2!

Love the concept and his entrepreneurial spirit and after all who are we to say it won't work!!?

SIMON said...

don said...

Good idea..!

Jules said...

Si - I guess I shouldn't squash that entrepreneurial spirit..

Don - Awesome! We'll save it for when you're here sometime then! :)