Thursday, August 22, 2013

And the conclusion...

Well, all good things come to an end, they say. Our last morning at Mosquito Creek Campground, the kids were frisky and raced each other to my coffee cup. They were in a good mood, but I was starting to get sad, knowing we'd be packing up after breakfast. It was a great campground to stay at and the location was also great. I'll be looking forward to camping there again sometime. 

Our last destination was McLeod Meadows, back in the Kootenay. It was good to get the trailer back to somewhere closer to the border, so that Thor didn't have such a long drive back to the States the next afternoon. On the way, we stopped to take a few photos. Here's one of the really cool wildflowers I was in love with this trip. I think I mentioned before, they start as little yellow flowers, then turn into these pointy silky elf hats, then they turn into almost a seeded dandelion type of fluff ball. I loved them, but have no idea what they are.

Camping at McLeod Meadows is fantastic because you are in a fairly large campground that I'm sure is hardly ever over populated, have mountains all around you, deeply forested, close to a river (Kootenay River I think), and it is just a short 15 minute drive into Radium Hot Springs. So we set up camp, and decided to treat ourselves to some yums from Safta's Kitchen. Our favorite is the falafel wrap (loaded) with either a side of couscous (pictured below) or what they refer to as their traditional salad on their Israeli menu. They use the good cow feta, too.. not the revolting goat feta, so I can eat anything there and love it. 

After Safta's, we enjoyed the hot springs and got cleaned all up and then headed back to camp for an evening that might have been the best one, including some humor, some togetherness, some singing and playing of guitar, a little bit of beer, and a delicious meal. If there's one thing Thor and I rock at, it's making the most of our time together. This particular campsite was small and we had to get in there just so with all of our stuff, but we did it. It is a much more natural campsite, and not particularly well maintained, with some overgrown sites, but still plenty good enough with plumbed bathrooms (toilet and sinks, not showers). And the setting is lovely. It was hardly buggy too, which was really nice. Though after I got home and looked at myself after my shower I counted a dozen mosquito bites on my buttocks and have no idea when they got there. I certainly didn't feel overly itchy on my bum on the vacation. This might be a downside to wearing yoga pants and tight thin jeans while camping. Must wear thicker material that's not so clingy, I guess. 

Thor made the most delicious meatless tacos I've ever eaten. They were spicy, and really yummy. He's really quite a good cook and never gives himself enough credit (remember me raving about his homemade pizza on last year's camping trip?). When my girlfriend saw this photo, she started to drool and asked me if I could make them for her sometime. I hesitantly said "I think so....", but I'm not overly sure I could. I'm drooling again.

Well, the next morning we packed up camp had a cry as it was time to part ways. It was just such an amazing week together and I didn't want to say goodbye. I never want to say goodbye, and in our 3 years of doing so, it has never gotten any easier whether we're together for 24 hours or a week. Perhaps someday soon, we won't have to say goodbye anymore. Instead we'll say "My love, Hello... let our love stay." (A lyric to a song I wrote on the first day of this vacation for the tenor guitar).

Until next year.
Hope you've enjoyed being on vacation with me.
Back to my regular random blogging, to commence soon.

Jules :Oawesomeness)


SIMON said...

I have enjoyed being on vacation with you. I can always tell whether you had a good time by the quality of your pics. Thank you for the superb pics!
Nice one Jules!

Quiet Paths said...

It looks great - all of it. So glad it was a wonderful time.

Jules said...

Si - Thanks for enjoying them!

QP - It was, you and M ought to come up sometime!