Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's just criminal!

As we're driving passed "The Toad and Turtle" today, Thanan remarks, "Oh cool. The Toad and Turtle. I didn't know we had one of those here. What is it anyway?"

So I responded with, "It's a restaurant and bar." And then I thought about it for a minute and changed my answer to "It's actually a restaurant and lounge." Naturally, he questioned what a bar was and what a lounge was, so that he could understand the difference.

I thought the simplest way of explaining this was that a bar serves only alcohol and a lounge also has a menu and serves food.

So then he says, "Well who on earth would want to go into a BAR! Like sheeeesh!! Who would ever DO that? Only maybe if you're a criminal or something! Like, honestly!!"

Inside I laughed a whole bunch, but I stopped myself short of making it audible because my brain went "Wait, Jules.. it's a good thing that he thinks bars are bad.. you should go with that and maybe you'll shape him for the future..."

So instead of correcting his remark, this time all I said was "Exactly."

I wonder what he'll think of this blog post when he turns into a young adult/college-going-buffoon and spends his weekends at the bar (God Forbid).

Jules :Ofunnymoments)


SIMON said...

You may not have succeeded in stopping him going to bars in the future but good effort all the same!!

Jules said...

Right?!?! That's what I thought. Aces on effort.