Sunday, September 29, 2013


If you hike in an enchanted forest, you are bound to come across things of beauty like this: 

... and you're also bound to run into creepy things like this (which I almost stuck my hand on top of.. yikes):

Maybe it was the fact that I was just in a good mindset, or maybe Thor passed on some courage to me somehow, but I managed to snap not 1 but 4 macro photos of this spider. **patting my own back for overcoming this fear (however temporary it was)**

Looking forward to our next hike in the next enchanted forest.

Jules :O)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

That's fricken' nutty!

Well, it's been what.. 4 years of having this tree in my yard and it surprised me this year. I didn't realize it did this, but apparently it produces a nut. A slightly poisonous and not recommended for eating without proper preparation nut, but a nut nonetheless. I have an Ohio Buckeye tree in my back yard and it grows these things that look sort of like chestnuts. Have a peek.

This is what it looks like still on the tree.. 

Or like this.. the spines are quite pokey and do hurt a bit if you hold them the wrong way.

This one fell to the ground and I found it just like this.. a little brown bum nut looking up at me from the mulch. Aww.. bum nut.

So I opened it up to have a peek inside, and found this! Almost heart shaped together, ya? Almost. 

So I did some reading about Buckeye Nuts. Wiki wasn't too much help.. just technical stuff. But THIS SITE has the best opening paragraph ever about my nut.

Properties that the buckeye nut is said to have include: increased sexuality, help for headaches, rheumatism and arthritis, and are supposed to be quite lucky. In the past, they were used to make furniture, crates, pallets, caskets, and even artificial human limbs, or so this site says. Nowadays, they are used to make jewelry, but they're a bit big and gaudy for my liking, I think. Maybe I'll just carry one around for luck and less headaches.

So. Interesting stuff, hey? I'll probably have 6 of them this year. Want one?

Jules :Ocool!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's getting hairy in here...

"Oh My Gosh!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair!!" Said the lady in line ahead of me in the Co-op today.

I thanked her and told her shyly that I just always end up cutting it myself, to which she was baffled and shook her head "impossible" as she continued to verbally admire it. Then she said "It's sort of like a cool 60's shag cut.. it's really awesome, I just love it!" and told me she's trying to grow hers out a little bit at the back so she can do the same thing with hers. We discussed how hard it is to grow hair out because it gets to that awkward stage and you get fed up with it and just wind up cutting it off again, and had a laugh at that.

Two women, total strangers, different age groups.. totally relating to each other about hair.

Naturally, I looked up images for 60's shag haircut this evening and was pleasantly surprised that most of the images were flattering and were hair that actually did look like mine while I was at the grocery store today. I was wearing it down and it had lots of wild slight flips in it. Plus, it was windy today, so that might have helped.

I wear my hair 1 of 4 main ways. Bangs pinned up to the right and some hair tucked behind my ears (still a bit uncontrolled), low set pigtails with some waves or curls around, low pony tail with less volume everywhere, or just down and slightly untamed. I've received compliments in all 4 styles. Lately, I've received the most in the low pigtail style, though. Every time I've worn that lately, I've been told how "very very cute" I am. Coming up on 40 in just a few short years, I like myself being described as cute.

It is especially nice receiving compliments about my hair lately, because since my introduction to living with Synthroid, my hair has been a constant disappointment to me, with it's thinning habit and brittleness.

So, I guess I should always pay attention to how I do my hair. You never know who's going to notice next.

Jules :O)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

another job...

Well that's interesting.

My girlfriend is doing a home renovation, new kitchen, and I've been helping her to plan it a little bit here and there. The contractor started work today, and she needed me to go let him into her house this morning. I had nowhere to be in a hurry, and he would have struggled with taking the upper cabinets down on his own, so I offered to stay and help with that. But before we could do that there was some other little work that needed doing. After we got the uppers down, we had to take out a pantry. It was a messy job and one that ended up taking alot longer than he thought it would. I ended up staying for 2 hours, helping him out where I could with the demo, hauling the junk to his trailer, and generally keeping everything he needed within easy access and then cleaning up as he went along. He kept thanking me and saying "You're hired!" Hahaha, that's what her moving company kept saying to me too and it never amounted to anything.

I had to leave and then I went back a couple of hours later, and he was still struggling to take the pantry down (it was built weird and had a few obstacles to keep in tact and overcome). He admitted to it taking longer than he thought it would when he began that morning. He went on and on about all the jobs pending and upcoming and said he even needed to cancel his holiday to Kelowna because he's so far behind. Then he thanked me over and over again for my help and again he said "You're hired.." so the last time he said that, as I was about to leave, I paused and decided to say "Are you being serious? Do you need help with stuff like I've been doing today?"  He responded with a hearty "Yes". So we discussed my schedule and availability and said we'd be in contact with each other to figure it out further.

Looks like in addition to being a Mother, Adult Proprietor, part time toy store retail worker, multimedia designer, website maintenance person, author and illustrator, I'm also going to pad my resume as a contractor assistant. Good thing I gave up the lunchroom supervisor position, there's no way I'd keep caught up. He was already talking about needing help with his Kal-Tire job. It's a big one I guess. Having a few extra dollars never hurts, and it's good honest hard earned money when you're dealing with building anything. We'll see how it goes, I've been tired lately, so I hope I've got enough energy to put into it, at least for a few jobs.

So there. You never know what lending a helping hand will do in return.

Jules :O)

Monday, September 09, 2013

hormones and happiness and huh???

I'm in a much better mood today.

My girlfriend brought something to my attention today that I will have to look into. Apparently the improper assimilation/amount of progesterone in a woman's body can contribute to many of the symptoms I'm currently having, medically, including my persistent candida! They are also symptomatic of having the wrong thyroid levels, but my doctor seems to think that my TSH is getting to the right amount and is hesitant to change or increase it right now. So maybe I need to figure out what my estrogen/progesterone/testosterone levels are doing. Maybe one of them's having a bit of a party and it's making the others feel hungover. Time to do some research and talk to my regular doctor about it, I would say.

Thanan's doing wonderfully in Grade 3 so far. I can't really believe he's already in Grade 3.. but life passes you by before you even realize it, it has a bad habit of doing that, regardless of the billions of people in the world telling it to slow down. Stubborn life. Sheesh. I think I may have to have him assessed for ADHD this year, he's exhibiting a few signs and symptoms of that, and I'd like to know so I can figure out how best to make his year successful, but so far, he's doing really great and I'm proud of him.

On a totally different note, while waiting to pick up my foster guy today, I witnessed a woman light a cigarette and smoke the entire thing through her NOSE. I have never in my years witnessed a nose smoker before. I've seen the smoke come out of the nose of course, but never have I ever seen it be puffed and inhaled through the nose and then exhaled through the mouth. It was totally backwards. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. It intrigued and disgusted me at the same time. Fascinating.

What odd thing have you witnessed lately?

Jules :O?

Sunday, September 08, 2013


June 22 - July 22
Don't delude yourself, Cancer. While it can be a real temptation to see what you want to see, there's danger in doing so. A pipe dream can only last so long. It's never permanent! Rather than playing this kind of trick on yourself, take off the blinders and face what's before you. Even if it hurts, it will likely be far less painful now than later.


F*ck you, horoscope. Who do you think you are to come into my brain and think you can tell me what to do and consequently how to feel! You can go get bent. 

So there. 


Jules :Ogrrrr!

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Tour of Alberta 2013 - Stage 2 Finish

Wow, I'm so happy that Alberta either invited or was chosen for such a great sporting event as the Tour of Alberta Pro Cycling Race. I'm even more thrilled that my city was the finish for Stage 2 and that I actually managed to watch them fly into town!

I went to the spot they'd first be visible on our city route at 1:40 pm, and sat on my blanket, with my water and my sunglasses and just waited. I was the only person there for a while and then a slow trickle of people spilled in. A few official vehicles and police car escorts went through and then the Course Marshal pulled up and stopped right in front of me. "I need a volunteer Marshal for this location.. anyone??" to which I jumped up, gleefully called out "I will!!" and ran over to him. He handed me a Tour shirt and asked me to wear it, stand at the intersection and not let anyone get too close to the race course. So I did! I was totally thrilled to have walked into my new position of authority and not just be an onlooker but now have a tiny little role to play in it all. It was funny how all of a sudden, the other volunteers thought I was someone important, when prior to the t-shirt nobody talked to me. Haha.

These were the first two cyclists to come into town today. They screamed past me at 2:23pm. The website listed the first and second placers as Silven Dillier and Serghei Tvetcov, so I could guess this is them, although you never know what went on after they passed me here. They were ahead by only less than a minute.

Here is the peloton which whirred past me like a semi truck, with enough wind force to blow my hair back and make the hair on my arms stand up. It was awesome. Thor told me there's nothing like standing there and hearing the sound the cyclists make as their tires all hum in unison on the pavement. He was right. WhirrWhirrWhirrWhirrrr. Not a sound I'll forget anytime soon. He also tells me that he's pretty sure the 4th red and black jersey/helmet to the left side of the green Belkin jersey belongs to Tour De France 2011 winner, Cadel Evans. That's really big stuff.. here on my little rural road heading into my little city. I love that!! These men sped passed me in about 7 seconds, I'm sure, and there were about 3 or 4 more cyclists after that who were having a harder time keeping up, but who were not far behind. I waited and cheered them all on before I had to leave. They passed me just in the nick of time, before I had to collect my boys.

It's huge for an event like this to be in Canada, and even more huge for it to be in Alberta. I am thrilled that this is taking place here, and even though I heard two people complain about the momentary road closures, I think overall the general feeling is total excitement. A complete list of the cyclists can be found here, as well as any information on the course maps, and results so far. Here is the facebook page that you can keep an eye on for up to date race information and photo galleries.

Best of luck, Cyclists! 

Jules :Oweeeeeee!