Wednesday, September 11, 2013

another job...

Well that's interesting.

My girlfriend is doing a home renovation, new kitchen, and I've been helping her to plan it a little bit here and there. The contractor started work today, and she needed me to go let him into her house this morning. I had nowhere to be in a hurry, and he would have struggled with taking the upper cabinets down on his own, so I offered to stay and help with that. But before we could do that there was some other little work that needed doing. After we got the uppers down, we had to take out a pantry. It was a messy job and one that ended up taking alot longer than he thought it would. I ended up staying for 2 hours, helping him out where I could with the demo, hauling the junk to his trailer, and generally keeping everything he needed within easy access and then cleaning up as he went along. He kept thanking me and saying "You're hired!" Hahaha, that's what her moving company kept saying to me too and it never amounted to anything.

I had to leave and then I went back a couple of hours later, and he was still struggling to take the pantry down (it was built weird and had a few obstacles to keep in tact and overcome). He admitted to it taking longer than he thought it would when he began that morning. He went on and on about all the jobs pending and upcoming and said he even needed to cancel his holiday to Kelowna because he's so far behind. Then he thanked me over and over again for my help and again he said "You're hired.." so the last time he said that, as I was about to leave, I paused and decided to say "Are you being serious? Do you need help with stuff like I've been doing today?"  He responded with a hearty "Yes". So we discussed my schedule and availability and said we'd be in contact with each other to figure it out further.

Looks like in addition to being a Mother, Adult Proprietor, part time toy store retail worker, multimedia designer, website maintenance person, author and illustrator, I'm also going to pad my resume as a contractor assistant. Good thing I gave up the lunchroom supervisor position, there's no way I'd keep caught up. He was already talking about needing help with his Kal-Tire job. It's a big one I guess. Having a few extra dollars never hurts, and it's good honest hard earned money when you're dealing with building anything. We'll see how it goes, I've been tired lately, so I hope I've got enough energy to put into it, at least for a few jobs.

So there. You never know what lending a helping hand will do in return.

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

That sounds really good! Go for it, you've always loved that sort of work, might as well get paid for it hey?
Don't be doing too much and making yourself sick. Ok?

Jules said...

Yes I might as well. I won't be doing anything too hard or heavy, and it's only when I feel like it, so it should go well. Starting next Tuesday.