Monday, September 09, 2013

hormones and happiness and huh???

I'm in a much better mood today.

My girlfriend brought something to my attention today that I will have to look into. Apparently the improper assimilation/amount of progesterone in a woman's body can contribute to many of the symptoms I'm currently having, medically, including my persistent candida! They are also symptomatic of having the wrong thyroid levels, but my doctor seems to think that my TSH is getting to the right amount and is hesitant to change or increase it right now. So maybe I need to figure out what my estrogen/progesterone/testosterone levels are doing. Maybe one of them's having a bit of a party and it's making the others feel hungover. Time to do some research and talk to my regular doctor about it, I would say.

Thanan's doing wonderfully in Grade 3 so far. I can't really believe he's already in Grade 3.. but life passes you by before you even realize it, it has a bad habit of doing that, regardless of the billions of people in the world telling it to slow down. Stubborn life. Sheesh. I think I may have to have him assessed for ADHD this year, he's exhibiting a few signs and symptoms of that, and I'd like to know so I can figure out how best to make his year successful, but so far, he's doing really great and I'm proud of him.

On a totally different note, while waiting to pick up my foster guy today, I witnessed a woman light a cigarette and smoke the entire thing through her NOSE. I have never in my years witnessed a nose smoker before. I've seen the smoke come out of the nose of course, but never have I ever seen it be puffed and inhaled through the nose and then exhaled through the mouth. It was totally backwards. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. It intrigued and disgusted me at the same time. Fascinating.

What odd thing have you witnessed lately?

Jules :O?


SIMON said...

What have I witnessed lately - a blog post about hung over hormones and 'nose smoking' but most importantly a proud Mom making us all feel old!

Nice one Jules!!

Jules said...

Haha... thanks!