Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's getting hairy in here...

"Oh My Gosh!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair!!" Said the lady in line ahead of me in the Co-op today.

I thanked her and told her shyly that I just always end up cutting it myself, to which she was baffled and shook her head "impossible" as she continued to verbally admire it. Then she said "It's sort of like a cool 60's shag cut.. it's really awesome, I just love it!" and told me she's trying to grow hers out a little bit at the back so she can do the same thing with hers. We discussed how hard it is to grow hair out because it gets to that awkward stage and you get fed up with it and just wind up cutting it off again, and had a laugh at that.

Two women, total strangers, different age groups.. totally relating to each other about hair.

Naturally, I looked up images for 60's shag haircut this evening and was pleasantly surprised that most of the images were flattering and were hair that actually did look like mine while I was at the grocery store today. I was wearing it down and it had lots of wild slight flips in it. Plus, it was windy today, so that might have helped.

I wear my hair 1 of 4 main ways. Bangs pinned up to the right and some hair tucked behind my ears (still a bit uncontrolled), low set pigtails with some waves or curls around, low pony tail with less volume everywhere, or just down and slightly untamed. I've received compliments in all 4 styles. Lately, I've received the most in the low pigtail style, though. Every time I've worn that lately, I've been told how "very very cute" I am. Coming up on 40 in just a few short years, I like myself being described as cute.

It is especially nice receiving compliments about my hair lately, because since my introduction to living with Synthroid, my hair has been a constant disappointment to me, with it's thinning habit and brittleness.

So, I guess I should always pay attention to how I do my hair. You never know who's going to notice next.

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

It is said that it is your crowning glory, as it most certainly is!

Jules said...

haha, crowning glory.. funny

It might be, but only when I'm not lazy and actually do it.