Thursday, September 26, 2013

That's fricken' nutty!

Well, it's been what.. 4 years of having this tree in my yard and it surprised me this year. I didn't realize it did this, but apparently it produces a nut. A slightly poisonous and not recommended for eating without proper preparation nut, but a nut nonetheless. I have an Ohio Buckeye tree in my back yard and it grows these things that look sort of like chestnuts. Have a peek.

This is what it looks like still on the tree.. 

Or like this.. the spines are quite pokey and do hurt a bit if you hold them the wrong way.

This one fell to the ground and I found it just like this.. a little brown bum nut looking up at me from the mulch. Aww.. bum nut.

So I opened it up to have a peek inside, and found this! Almost heart shaped together, ya? Almost. 

So I did some reading about Buckeye Nuts. Wiki wasn't too much help.. just technical stuff. But THIS SITE has the best opening paragraph ever about my nut.

Properties that the buckeye nut is said to have include: increased sexuality, help for headaches, rheumatism and arthritis, and are supposed to be quite lucky. In the past, they were used to make furniture, crates, pallets, caskets, and even artificial human limbs, or so this site says. Nowadays, they are used to make jewelry, but they're a bit big and gaudy for my liking, I think. Maybe I'll just carry one around for luck and less headaches.

So. Interesting stuff, hey? I'll probably have 6 of them this year. Want one?

Jules :Ocool!

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SIMON said...

To all intents and purposes your nuts are related to conkers which are of course horse chestnuts!
Keeping them in your pocket would obviously be fine but reading between the lines better for men!!
Therefore I hope it rubs off on anyone connected with that tree too!!