Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Autumnal mountain randoms...

Driving through Kootenay this last time, I had the road largely to myself, there was very little traffic. I guess this moose felt comfortable coming close to the road. 

It was a somewhat foggy, misty day. Half of the drive was in the sun above the clouds, and half of it was in the foggy valley. The above photo doesn't look foggy, but the below one sort of does.

Here's a good shot of the fog. I sat here in wait as they were doing some rock blasting, directly outside of Radium Hot Springs. 

In town, however, it was clear, but cold cold cold. There was a large herd of bighorn sheep hanging around the playground and the Inn's parking lot when I arrived. I love seeing the sheep. It's just not a trip to this area without seeing them.

The Inn and park are covered in these lovely maple trees. I thought maples all turned red in the autumn, but these all turn yellow for some reason, and their leaves are larger than my hand! Love that. Little did they all realize they'd be covered in snow in just a few hours from the time I snapped this happy photo.

Jules :Oj


Quiet Paths said...

Oh you lucky, wow! I have yet to see my annual moose this year. Just for seeing not hunting, mind you.

SIMON said...

Beautiful moose, no they're all beautiful but so is your picture of one!!

don said...

That's a great moose shot.

Jules said...

QP - This is the second one I've seen this year, though it might even be the same moose. It was in the same exact area.

Si - Thank you! I think they're strange looking..

Don - Better than the ones earlier in the year when we were camping, I think! Thank you! :*

Dean Grey said...

The steep cliffs look so dramatic.

I would love to see this in person!


Jules said...

It's really a stunning place to visit. The Rocky Mountains anywhere are amazing to take in, whether it's on the Canadian side or the American side.