Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Being in the know...

I never remember to throw away the old coffee grounds, until the next time I go to make coffee. Mostly that's the next day, but occasionally it's after a whole weekend's gone past.

I never know when to use the word "past" and when to use the word "passed" except for in reference to the past, present and future.. and I guess a few other isolated times. It's something I always have to think hard about.

I hardly ever really make my bed in the morning. Usually I just throw the blankets sort of back into position.

I used to enjoy long baths with bubbles. Now I rarely stay in a bath for longer than 10 minutes. Hot springs are where I enjoy soaking for extended amounts of time. What's better than a giant public bath where you can look at somewhat naked people and eavesdrop on their conversations?

I get one giant pimple once a month that corresponds with my cycle. I hate it. I really hate it and it makes me feel totally gross and unattractive. Like I've morphed into someone auditioning for a Night of the Living Dead movie. Zombietastic and freakishly gross. (I realize that just dated me)

I've never seen a Night of the Living Dead movie because I hate horror films. I can't even watch previews on tv for horror movies. I turn the channel or turn the volume off and look away.

Now you know some things about me that you didn't know before. What don't I know about you?

Jules :Oj


SIMON said...

Oh this reminds me of early blogging days and meme's and stuff like that almost every day.... Wow!
Good memories!

Jules said...

HAhaha... yes, I suppose it is a little bit meme-ish.