Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mushy post...

It's time for a little mush... and since this is my blog, I'm going to write what's on my mind.

Sometimes I look at photos of Thor and every cell in my body just turns to mush. I can't help but smile and think to myself how lucky I am. This is a person who's been with me through heartaches, illness, struggles, parenting, times of elation, successes and failures. He never judges me, he's just always... there for me. I can tell him anything, and I probably take that to a "too much information" limit from time to time, but no matter what I throw at him, he handles it thoughtfully and with dignity and a level of grace that makes me feel like I'm not an alien in my own skin after all. Comforting and supportive, he's there to advise me when I need it, to listen when I need it, to counsel me from time to time and he has a way of making me open up even at my worst of emotional states. And when I can't find words, he's there to do all the talking until I can breathe again. He has never once in 3+ years yelled at me, even when I'm being difficult (yes, I do get difficult from time to time), and his hands are loving and gentle, and so is his very nature, but he can sure handle issues as they arise in his life with whatever gloves he has to wear to handle them. He can sense even the slightest uneasiness from me, even when I'm trying to mask it. He tells me I'm beautiful, and I actually feel like he means it. He makes me think and he encourages me to be more of myself and grow, he inspires me. He is friendly, sociable, genuine, honest, moral and sound. We match with our spiritual and political views and general outlook on the world. He is always there to protect me and defend me, and makes me feel safe. He is so very special. The list of things I love and appreciate about Thor are endless.


He is amazing.

He is my best friend in life.

Happy Birthday, HB.

Jules :O*


SIMON said...

Nothing wrong with mush!!

Dean Grey said...


This post made me smile and tear-up.

I hope to have what you have one day.

You and Thor are truly blessed.

Belated Happy Birthday to him!


Jules said...

Si - I didn't think so!

Dean - You have no idea how much your comment meant to me this morning. Thank you. Awesome timing! I hope you can find this too.. I really do. ((hugs))