Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Nobody really knows, do they?

"Oh, by the way mom.. I've decided I'm going to be a game maker when I am older. And I already know the game I'm going to make," he says to her and starts to explain the premise of the next big video game. It truly sounds brilliant, and she makes a point of listening as intently as she can while swallowing the horror that grows inside of her throat, making her remember why she had to leave her ex-husband, thinking that as hard as she will always try, she'll never be able to get the "game" out of his blood. She thoughtfully surmises that it's better than becoming an astronaut, his previous dream.. at least this way he'll be on earth and she doesn't have to worry about a one way ticket to Mars in their future.

A parent can only guide a child. They can only offer support, teach them values, morals and good character. They can only love them unconditionally and teach them how to love others and be strong and smart throughout their life's journey. After that, the child will grow to become whatever his/her aptitude dictates. At some point, a parent has to understand that a childhood passion might just become the one thing that defines her child in his/her adulthood. Whether the parent likes it or not.

She hopes he grows up to become a scientist or an engineer of some sort... maybe "Senior Game Design Engineer" fits? She doesn't know. Only the bowels of time really know.

Jules :O[


SIMON said...

However good parental guidance enables the cleverer of children to see through the fake world of the game and only use the technology to learn things and further their chosen careers.

Jules said...

Let's hope so!