Sunday, November 24, 2013


A whole wonderful weekend happened, but all I can think about is when he said this: 
"We will be together... I promise..." 
I've never known him to break a promise. 

Here is what a bighorn sheep's hoof print looks like. Low and behold, it's a heart! 

It was cold when we went for our Kootenay Park walkabout, and we followed a trail we found until we ran into giant wolf prints, and being without protection of any kind, we decided it was probably best to go back to the jeep. We made these along the way. If the wolf could show he was here, so could we.

Jules :Oj

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A good soaking...

Tonight I enjoyed a bath again.

Don't get me wrong, I bathe on a daily basis, but it has become more of a "get in and get out quick" thing rather than the "relax and take your time" thing that I used to allow myself the luxury of. So tonight I took my time and soaked. I filled the tub a bit higher than I normally do and after all the cleaning bits were taken care of, I just... floated.

By the time I was finished, all of my bubbles had disappeared and it was just me and the water, and a sense of peace and relaxation. It was good. I had forgotten how good it could be.

Soon, I will be soaking in the hot springs. This was a good primer for when that time comes.

Jules :Oaahhh)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Carols in the mall...

I guess I've been pretty negative lately. Sorry about that. It's a tough time of year for me.

Something really cool that happened today was as I was walking in the mall with Thanan, a trio was playing Christmas carols, jazz style. Normally I don't really get into jazz music, but these people were good enough to bring a smile to not just my face, but Thanan's too. He insisted on staying to listen to several of their songs. After each song, we clapped and cheered. We were the only people who actually stopped to listen for any length of time. When we applauded, the faces of the trio totally lit up. Our little sense of appreciation really made them happy and let them know that their efforts weren't in vain in that busy space with hundreds of Christmas shoppers going about their business and ignoring them.

Thank you, lovely Trio. I didn't stop and ask you what to call your group, but I know you knew you brought a smile to some faces today.

Jules :O)

some, most, all...

Sometimes I feel like a great big hole exists in my world. Sometimes I feel like I have to shut part of myself off to protect me from the pain this causes. Sometimes I feel as though closing myself down emotionally can protect me and make that portion of my world tolerable. Sometimes I feel cheated, like I shouldn't have to turn off myself in order to cope. Sometimes I feel like this will never resolve. Sometimes I feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel and the hole will fill in and become complete.

Most of the time, it is a constant emotional struggle and battle within me. Most of the time I am being torn in two different processes of thought.

All of the time, the one thing I know for sure is that if it does work out the way I want in the end, the journey will have been worth the 'sometimes' and 'most of the times' that I am forced to endure. All of the time I know that life isn't just about me, we all have things to endure and I shouldn't be so selfish. All of the time I know I love and I am loved.

Jules :O/

Saturday, November 16, 2013

English Lesson/Pet Peeves...

It's not Febuary. It's FebRUary.
(Most people are slack on this one, I guess even me from time to time).

It's not Chewsday. It's TUESday.
(A radio personality actually mispronounced this on the air the other day).

It's not Axe. It's ASK.
(Unless you're actually talking about an axe, that thing that chops wood or the manly body deodorant name brand).

It's not Nucular. It's NuCLEar.
(Which is ironic, because there's nothing new or clear after a nuclear fallout).

That's all.

Jules :Osayitright)

Friday, November 15, 2013


It has taken me a while to calm down enough to write this post.

About 2 weeks ago now, I was driving down a local street which intersected a major road in my city. The weather was on the cold side and it was a grey day. In my back seat was Thanan.

Standing on the corner outside a church, was a group of adults and their children. The children were holding signs of some kind, that I couldn't read from a distance, but which I clearly read as I pulled up to stop at the red light kitty corner from the people. As soon as I could read the signs, I let out a disgusted and disapproving grunt, unable to keep my silence for the sake of Thanan. When he asked me what was up with the people standing across the street, I had to simply say "I can't tell you. You're not old enough to understand the gravity of their protest, this is one thing you just don't need to know or be worried about. End of discussion, ok?"

Usually, I would be full of explanations and make sure Thanan fully understood and had answers to his question, but not this time.

On the corner stood 3 adults, 2 babies in slings, and 4 children about the age of 5 - 8 years old. In the CHILDREN'S hands were signs reading "Pro-Life.. Don't Kill a Child" and "We are against abortion".

Here's my issue. How dare adults use their children and make them stand on a corner holding signs for an issue they are clearly far too young to understand. It is nothing but child exploitation in one of its purest forms. If you, as an adult, have something to say about a subject, YOU say it. Don't involve your children who don't even know what intercourse is, let alone, pregnancy and abortion. Everyone has a right to have an opinion on any given issue. And everyone has the freedom of expression. I believe that everyone should have choices and freedoms based on their individual circumstances. But DO NOT try and tug at the heart strings of other people by making your child hold an anti-abortion sign on a corner outside a church on a cold grey day, waving and smiling at people as they drive by, not even having a clue what they are being exposed to.

That is just wrong.

Do it yourself, you cowards. If you have something to say, say it yourself. Leave your kids at home and figure out some other way to make an impact. All that did was infuriate me. I was far too disgusted at the whole scene to even think about the message you were attempting to send.

Jules >:O(

Saturday, November 09, 2013


I wrote this letter to my son about a week ago the night I learned that he received his very first "real" love letter from a girl at school that he's been crushing on all year. 
This is the love letter.. adorable, right?

I tried to put my letter in terms he would understand, at the tender age of almost 8 (he's almost 8, going on 25). Printed it out, left it on the table for him to read while he ate breakfast the next morning. Turns out, his GF dumped him later that day because he wanted to hang with his best friend at lunch recess rather than her for the 4th day in a row. I guess Grade 3 love is fickle. Previous to this letter, I told him to always be himself and never to forget about his friends in order to have a GF. I'm glad he took more to my first advice than this stuff because this ended up being waaaay over his head, despite my best intentions. I don't now how to navigate this pre-pubescent love stuff. With a heavy *sigh* I chalked this up to a best-intended-parent-fail.

Dear Thanan,                                                                               

I thought I would write you a note about “How to be a good boyfriend,” since it seems that you have a nice little romance going.

  • ·        Make your girlfriend feel loved and happy.
  • ·        Always be kind, polite, honest and friendly.
  • ·        Compliment your girlfriend often on how pretty she looks.
  • ·        Offer to do nice things for her.
  • ·        Always be thoughtful, respond to her love notes in your free time.
  •         Spend time with her if you can, but don’t forget about your other friends. Try to include everyone altogether in one big group.
  • ·        Be strong, but also be gentle.
  • ·        Make her laugh, and support her when she’s feeling sad.
  • ·        Find ways to show her that she’s important to you.
  • ·        Control your own anger and impulses.
  • ·        Be a good communicator (listen well and share your feelings).

If you can do these things, you have a good chance at keeping a girl’s love. Good luck!
Love Mom xoxo

That night, after a light hearted discussion and laugh about it all with Thor, I told Thanan to forget the letter I'd written, that it was really too over his head and that I'd pull it back out when he was a teenager, and that he should stick to two rules for now....

1. Be cool
2. Be nice

With a sigh of relief he said "Really, Mom?" and I nodded "yes." He said I was the best mom in the universe and hugged me. 

I might have parent failed with the letter, but I think I won with the revision... thanks to Thor. 

Jules :Oj

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Give a little love...

My dad posted this on facebook, I read it and totally agree. I love what this person wrote, so I'm reposting a quote of his, and a link to his post in hopes that you will go read it, and be enlightened!
No, a true marriage (and true love) is never about you. It’s about the person you love—their wants, their needs, their hopes, and their dreams. Selfishness demands, “What’s in it for me?”, while Love asks, “What can I give?”
The whole post can be found here. Thanks for writing it, Seth.

Jules :O)