Saturday, November 16, 2013

English Lesson/Pet Peeves...

It's not Febuary. It's FebRUary.
(Most people are slack on this one, I guess even me from time to time).

It's not Chewsday. It's TUESday.
(A radio personality actually mispronounced this on the air the other day).

It's not Axe. It's ASK.
(Unless you're actually talking about an axe, that thing that chops wood or the manly body deodorant name brand).

It's not Nucular. It's NuCLEar.
(Which is ironic, because there's nothing new or clear after a nuclear fallout).

That's all.

Jules :Osayitright)


SIMON said...

Spelling and grammar is at an all time low. Wat too doo?

Jules said...

I'm just talking here about plain ol' speech, but yes, texting and tweeting have ruined spelling and grammar too! People have become lazy with their language.

SIMON said...

You mentioned my 'pet hate' speech wise - AXED!!

Kevin said...

I have one too: it's mischievous. Not mischievious.

Jules said...

Hi Kevin, welcome to my blog. As per my traditional blogosphere courtesies, here's your *free hug* for stopping by.

That's a good one, I agree with you!